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Attempt to break open ATM fails at Nongpoh

NONGPOH :In an attempted robbery, an ATM machine of the Punjab National Bank, Nongpoh Branch located at the heart of Nongpoh town was partially destroyed when an unknown miscreant tried to rob it on the wee hours of Tuesday morning.
As per the Branch Manager, Ranjana Bhuyan, records from the CCTV camera shows that a group of five unknown miscreants with their faces fully covered tried to robbed the cash in the ATM machine at around 3:00 AM on Tuesday morning.
The miscreants who were coming in a white car, run towards the ATM machine as soon as they parked the vehicle destroying the shutter and lock of the ATM room and then entered inside. Once they were inside the ATM room, the miscreants at first used a black plastic to cover the CCTV camera installed inside the ATM room and then cut the wire cables of the ATM machine.
However, after five minutes of trying to open the cash tray of the ATM machine, the alarm siren rings and the mircreants afraid on being caught by the people and police fled away from the spot without getting any cash.
In this connection, an FIR was filed by the bank at Nongpoh Police Station and investigation is being conducted by the police to find out those involved as per records shown in the CCTV Camera.

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