Agnes Kharshiing regains sense but still in ventilator support

SHILLONG: Five days after CSWO president, Agnes Kharshiing was brutally attacked in East Jaintia Hills, she has now regained consciousness but her condition remains  serious as she continues to be on ventilator, in the Intensive Care Unit in NEIGRIHMS.

 A  statement issued by NEIRIHMS PRO said that as on Tuesday, at 2 pm, she has regained consciousness, kidney function has improved, lung function is showing signs of recovery, her vitals are stable, but her condition remains serious, and she continues to be on ventilator, in the Intensive Care Unit.

The statement added that her accomplice Amita Sangma had multiple lacerations over head, multiple injuries over both hands (more over right hand) at the time of admission.

She is being managed in surgical ICU and is doing well. She is conscious, talking, eating and stable. 

It may be mentioned that Kharshiing was brought to NEIGRIHMS Casualty in an unconscious state, at around 6 pm on October 8 , with multiple injuries all over her body.

The pulse was feeble, the BP was not recordable and she had difficulty in breathing. She was intubated, and multiple fluids, blood transfusions were given and her vitals were stabilized, in the Casualty of the Institute.

 Emergency CT scan of Head, Thorax and abdomen was done. It showed Bilateral Hemothorax, SDH (blood clot in brain) over left temporoparietal region, fracture of right side ribs (8, 9, 10), and fracture D12.


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