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BJP govt leads country on path of conflict, economic disaster: Chidambaram

GUWAHATI: Senior Congress leader and Rajya Sabha member P Chidambaram on Friday  launched a scathing attack on the BJP-led NDA government in the Centre, alleging that it was taking the country on a path of conflict and economic disaster.

The former Union minister further accused  the BJP of failing to keep its election promises, claiming that the party had come to power on promises that it never intended to deliver.

“The Congress is implacably opposed to the BJP, not because the BJP is a rival political party. It is because the BJP’s vision of India is majoritarism, insular, exclusionary, discriminatory, oppressive and illiberal,” he added.

Addressing media here, Chidambaram said, “Nearing the end of its term, the BJP has resurrected the Hindutva agenda. From the Prime Minister to chief ministers to ministers to party functionaries to pracharaks to supporters, has embraced Hindutva and re-opened every issue that is divisive, controversial and polarising.”

He further said, “Our immediate concern is the BJP government’s determined efforts to break down or capture crucial institutions of the country. The latest victim is the Reserve Bank of India.”

Alleging that the BJP has no understanding of the role of the central bank, Chidambaram said, “The immediate goal of the government is to lay it’s hands on the reserves of the RBI and appropriate at least Rs one lakh crore to meet its fiscal deficit target and to increase spending in an election year. It will have catastrophic consequences.”

Chidambaram was in Guwahati to participate in an Open House consultation on the manifesto of the Congress party for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.



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