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Army salute anew Kargil martyr Captain Kenguruse

GUWAHATI: The Indian Army on Friday saluted anew Capt N Kenguruse,MVC a brave son of Nagaland on the occasion of the final match of the 4th edition of Kenguruse Memorial football is also being held at Kohima.
The Army in a communiqué stated, “Losing a beloved child is perhaps the most difficult situation for any parent to accept and to come to terms with. It is similar to losing a part of oneself. The story dates back to the fateful night of 28 Jun 1999, when Niebu a local lad from Nirhema village, Kohima well reckoned today as Capt N Kenguruse, MVC, made the supreme sacrifice in the call of duty during the Kargil war. Mr Neiselie and Mrs Dinuo Kenguruse for certain can never forget the moment when the sad news of loss of their brave son reached them.
“Parents to a family of 13 siblings, Mr & Mrs Kenguruse were still in their hours of glory when Nikizakuo Kenguruse, a young and energetic youth of 25 years age was commissioned into the Indian Army after completing the arduous training at the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun on December 12, 1998. Neibu, the eldest of the siblings was to be of great help to uplift the family from its state of poverty. That unfortunately was not to be, when, six months later he attained martyrdom.
“No worldly possession can compensate the loss of a loved one but the least that the Army could provide to the bereaved parent of the brave officer was an approximate amount of Rs 57 lakh towards ex-gratia and gratuity benefits, apart from provision of a petrol pump and pension. At present, an ex-gratia and gratuity remuneration offered to the family of a battle casualty in the case of an officer is approximately Rs 1.30 Crore, excluding monthly pension. We have drawn a comparison with the intent to help relate to the large heartedness of Mr Neiselie and Mrs Dinuo Kenguruse, which is worth a mention.
“They could have chosen to keep the amount to themselves to ensure themselves a more comfortable home or for raising the 12 children, all of whom were young and unemployed at that point in time! Instead they humbly chose to donate a very large amount for charitable causes, to the church and various social organizations for facilitating uplift of the downtrodden and underprivileged. Their charitable deed speaks volumes of their selfless spirit and their will to uplift the society.
Time, they say, is the best healer yet the family misses Neibu every single day. Mr and Mrs Kenguruse, continue to encourage their children and grand-children to become honourable citizens of the country and take a leaf out of Neibu’s book.”

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