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Religion and politics shouldn’t mix : Metbah Lyngdoh

SHILLONG: Meghalaya’s Cabinet Minister and UDP MLA, Metbah Lyngdoh urged the leaders of Unitarian Church to be vigilant to ensure that religious platforms were not misused to further political prospects.

He was speaking as the chief guest at the Unitarian Church of Madan Laban that observed the 131st anniversary celebration on Tuesday under the theme, “Uphold the truth” on Tuesday.

He said, “The leaders of the Church should not allow the platform to be used by politicians and increase their vote bank for their self-interest only.”

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In his sermon, Rev. Derrick P. Pariat called the founder of Unitarian Church in Meghalaya, Babu Hajom Kissor Sing as the “prophet of his time who called the communities to come together, have a pluralistic outlook, not condemning and not claiming to be true and absolute.”

He said, “Love is the gospel of the Unitarian Church, to love thy God and love the humankind. The Unitarian Church has a set of principles, our creed is to love and serve others.”

Pointing to the Prophet Daniel in the Bible, he threw a challenge to the Unitarians to be like Daniel who stood the test of time by following the will of God challenging the authority of the king.

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