NEHU PhD academic calendar goes awry


 It has been a big loss for the internal students who intend to continue to study in NEHU by undertaking PhD program. A period of six to seven months goes wasted when the students, who pass their Master’s degree from NEHU, wait for taking admission into PhD in the same University. The unjustifiable delay in PhD admission, in addition to the delay in the various departments of the same schools as well as departments of different schools which do not follow common calendar for PhD admission timing creates major problems. Some departments choose the timing depending upon the self-seeking mood of teachers in powerful lobbies – all these unfavorable practices of the administration take their toll on the students’ careers. Among the students too, directly affected ones don’t dare to take up the issue vehemently due to fear of Big Brothers, others are either apathetic or unaware. Ironically, the administration facilitates those students who intend to seek PhD admission in other universities because the schedule of semester exams and declaration of results are set accordingly. Some departments unilaterally delay PhD admission to a ridiculous extent so much so that enrolled PhD scholars don’t get sufficient time for the preparation of research synopsis/proposal; they have to rush up in the hotchpotch.

The basic understanding, that identification of research problems/preparation of research proposal is a crucially challenging part of the research and time taking exercise, has been relegated to the background. What kind of productive research can be expected in such an environment? It is high time for NEHU to revise the academic calendar for better comprehension so that that some vital components are not missed out at all. The semester exams timing for colleges should not be changed every now and then; it causes havoc to the functioning of affiliated colleges such as curriculum planning and execution. Once the academic calendar is set and implemented in the colleges too, it must be followed in principle and practice. The revised accreditation framework of UGC- NAAC strictly lays emphasis on academic calendar not only of the university but also affiliated colleges. The entire activities of colleges must adhere to the calendar, NEHU must streamline it.

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