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Will strengthen army at military drills: Putin

Tsugol (Russia): President Vladimir Putin on Thursday visited Russia’s largest-ever military drills in eastern Siberia, where he said Moscow planned to strengthen the country’s armed forces.
Russia has said the Vostok-2018 exercises involve nearly 300,000 troops and all types of military equipment, as well as the participation of the Chinese and Mongolian armies. Putin praised the “mastery” of the Russian army and its “capacity to face down potential threats” after watching the drills at the Tsugol military training ground near the borders with Mongolia and China.
Some 25,000 soldiers, 7,000 vehicles as well as 250 helicopters and planes took part in the simulated aerial and ground attack from an “undefined” enemy.
The exercises in the far east continue until September 17. According to the Russian army, 87 observers from 59 countries were present for the Russian-Chinese exercises. (AFP)

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