Pius wary of promises after Danggo’s rejection

The 27-year-old Pius Marwein, a crorepati despite beThe 27-year-old Pius Marwein, a crorepati despite be ing a matriculate, representing Ranikor constituency  and hailing from Nonghyllam village, has been named the “giant killer” who unseated former Speaker MM Danggo and ended his reign over 20 years. Marwein, the second youngest legislator in the Assembly after Dasakhiatbha Lamare of Mawhati, spoke to The Shillong Times after assuming office as the chairperson of Meghalaya state resource mobilisation and employment generation on Monday.

ST: How did you secure your win against a veteran like Danggo?
Pius: I had prepared properly for the Assembly polls held in February 27 and came second. After the sitting MLA resigned from Ranikor, I found it will be a good chance for me to win the seat and hence I worked hard.

ST: Why did the people reject Danggo even after giving them civil sub-division?
Pius: Civil sub-division was not for the people but it was for his personal benefits and people realised it.

ST: Does it mean that people do not believe in promises?
Pius: Learning a lesson from the opponent, I do not want to promise anything. Whatever I can do, I will do for the constituency. The infrastructure facility for the promised civil sub-division is lacking.
There are only a foundation stone and land has to be identified. I will take up the need to have proper infrastructure facilities with the government.

ST: There are allegations that UDP used money power to win the election.
Pius: It is not true. People in Ranikor wanted a change. In the February 27 polls, there were too many candidates which prevented my chance to win.

ST: Has the Congress helped UDP to win the by-election?
Pius: It is only a claim from certain quarters. The central leaders and we worked hard. How can Congress help UDP since the party had already put up a candidate? The Congress candidate got only a few votes.
ST: What are your plans after getting the new assignments?
Pius: I have just assumed office as the chairman of Meghalaya state resource mobilisation and employment generation. Besides, I am also holding the post of co-chairman, Meghalaya Khadi and Village Industries Board. Since I am new, I have to familiarise with the subjects.

ST: What are your priorities for Ranikor ?
Pius: Ranikor was continually represented by a single legislator for the past 20 years. So many development initiatives will have to be undertaken, especially construction of good roads. Besides, better communication, health, education and tourism are other issues. Today I met the Joint Secretary, Health Department, and asked him to appoint a doctor for Khongjoy PHC.

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