Goldie Behl excited about Marry Me, Stranger

With Anuja Joshi, Gaurav Chopra, Mrinal Dutt and Priya Banerjee joining the team of Marry Me, Stranger, filmmaker Goldie Behl says he enjoyed the whole process of putting the whole team together for the series, which tells a “dark and twisted story” of urban India.
Marry Me, Stranger is part of The Stranger Trilogy.
Author Novoneel Chakraborty’s “The Stranger Trilogy” is being adapted into a romantic thriller digital series for Applause Entertainment in partnership with Behl. Faruk Kabir is directing the series.
The three-season show revolves around the fictional love story of a woman and her pursuer.
“The Stranger Series with its present day and easy to relate to context is the perfect web series for today’s audiences and I’m happy to be working on it. It’s always great to work on projects for Sameer Nair and I have enjoyed putting together this cast of committed actors and a quality crew for this series,” Behl said.
Marry Me, Stranger traces the journey of Rivanah as she comes to Mumbai from the US. (IANS)

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