Try, try & you’ll succeed

By Imtitoshi Ao

“Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success”- SHIV KHERA

I’m sure many of us believe what we think and do is always positive; however the results we get is negative. Why do you think this is? Today I would like to share a few pointers which I think will change the results we get.
I’m sure some of us may not agree but I would like us to try these pointers at least once and see the results. Firstly, never, never compare yourself with others because when you do so you will feel bad about yourself, as you don’t have the qualities they have, but focus on the good qualities you do have and make them work out in the best interest for you. I’m sure we have heard the saying “Try, try and you will succeed”.
Remind yourself that most things are possible if you try hard enough. All of us have faced many hurdles in life which we thought were not possible to cross and some of us may have given up whereas some may have tried a bit harder and could have found a way to jump over it. Think, my dear friends when we look back at those hurdles which we have crossed doesn’t it look very easy? Imagine if we had not tried what would have happened and where your life would be.
One of the most profound experiences we can have in our lives is the connection we have with other human beings. Positive and supportive relationships will help us to feel healthier, happier, and more satisfied with our lives.
One of the biggest challenges we experience in relationships is that we are all different. All of us see the world in different ways and we think about how it would be much easier if all of us could see and think in the same manner. Don’t you think it would be so boring if that was the case? Looking back on your life, there may have been times when a conflict led to a relationship breakup or a miscommunication led to the loss of an opportunity. Identify these experiences so that you may decide what the breakup was for and what the miscommunication was all about and correct them so that you can have a more positive approach next time.
I’m sure we have all experienced that it’s always easier to approach a person with positive attitude rather than a person with negative thoughts. We learn to trust people with positive attitude because we believe they will give us good advice, that they will be empathic towards us and will listen and understand what we are trying to tell them. A couple of years ago, my brother and I had a philosophical debate about what was more important in a relationship — love, trust or passion.
I will not go into the whole debate, however, a few months later, I bought my brother a photograph of a little girl who was smiling and staring confidently at the camera with an elephant’s foot just above her head. The caption was: “To trust is more important than love.” What I mean to say is give everything a chance before you neglect or reject it for we don’t know what will bring us happiness. If someone makes you feel negative, like a friend, tell whoever it is in a nice way how you feel. Try to fix the problem. Don’t let other people drag you down! What they say is always their opinion. Do what makes you happy and is not harmful and always remember to keep that beautiful smile on your face.
I would like to end this article with a quote “Make a mind which never minds make a heart which never hurts, make a touch which never pains and make a relation which never ends”.

(The author is a motivational speaker)

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