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Why pay toll tax?  


Every time we take the Shillong Guwahati route we happily shell out the designated toll fees. In return we expect the drive to be hassle free and the road in tip top shape.

But now what we see is that every time there is a heavy downpour, the roads get flooded especially in the Nongpoh and Jorabad sections and innumerable landslides all across the route. This indicates that the NHAI Engineers were either incompetent or were criminally negligent.

Any layman could have foreseen the landslides seeing how the steep angle of the slopes were cut. Also that the gradients are non-existent if at all, can be proven by the volume of water on the road surfaces on a rainy day and while driving a car at the turns. This is another factor for the increasing number of mishaps especially at the bends. Proper drainage has never been thought through hence floods occur easily because of this simple fact. Until and unless these faults are rectified the Government should step in and stop the collection of toll at the gates.

Yours etc.,

Dr. Tridib Kakoty

Animal Concern

Shillong -14

Unrealistic ultimatum 


Apropos the Garo Hills State Movement Committee’s (GHSMC) ultimatum to Meghalaya Government for immediate repair of different roads in South Garo Hills District (ST August 27, 2018) I wish to state that giving just one week’s time for the MDA Government to react to the ultimatum is too short a time. Yes the GHSMC and the Mothers’ Union of South Garo Hills has raised a very important issue which ought to be immediately attended to. I personally have traveled to many parts of South Garo Hills and I found that this District is perhaps the richest in natural resources but the most neglected of all the Districts by various governments of Meghalaya. If you want to see and experience first hand the rich bounty of nature, please go to South Garo Hills and you will never regret.

We all know that roads are the lifeline and the backbone of development. However, the roads in South Garo Hills are horrible. Yes, as mentioned by the above Organisations the roads in the District especially from Nengkhra-Nangalbibra-Baghmara, Moheskola-Mahadeo-Baghmara, Baghmara-Mindikgre, Baghmara-Rongsu Asim, Baghmara-Sibbari-Chokpot-Dalu, Karukol-Nengkong, Dalangre-Eman Asakgre and Deku-Kherapara need immediate widening, metalling and blacktopping because they are in a dilapidated condition. I do not know how vehicles can ply on these roads and I can very well imagine the hardships faced by the people of that region. But can the Meghalaya Government do justice to these roads because thousands of crores will be required. What I have learnt is that the Road from Baghmara to Moheskhola connecting to Ranikor-Nongjri-Moheskola and the portion of the NH-62 from Nengkhra- Nangalbibra-Baghmara-Sibbari-Chokpot-Dalu are already in the pipeline to be undertaken by various Companies to be  financed by the  Ministry of Surface Transport and Highways but I wonder why the delay. I urge the MDA Government led by the young and dynamic Chief Minister to take up the demand on topmost priority.

I also request the MDA Government to accord topmost priority to the proposed Natonal Highways from Nongstoin-Rambrai-Kyrshai to reach Chaygoan, Nongstoin-Rangblang-Wahkaji-Phlangdiloin-Ranikor, Nongstoin-Maweit-Kulang-Nongjri and Riangdo-Athiabari-Hahim to join the Hahim-Boko road. In fact these road links were already in the pipeline during earlier governments and were to be undertaken by various construction companies and financed by MoRTH. Again, I don’t know the reasons for the delay in constructing the roads. I again urge Conrad Sangma, the CM, to be up and doing by moving the central Minister of MoRTH to see that these roads see the light of day as they are already in the pipeline.

Yours etc.,

Philip Marwein,

Via email

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