Equitable Distribution of Property


In our campaign for the Equitable Distribution of Self Acquired and Ancestral Property Act , many people that I come across have misunderstood the word  Equitable for Equal. According to the dictionary meaning of the word, ‘ Equitable’ means fair and just. Therefore we leave it to the wisdom of the parents to give to how much to whom.  If in their wisdom the parents feel that the youngest daughter should inherit everything  the law will not stop them but at least the word Equitable leaves them with an option.

Secondly, in our tradition, there is still a practice followed by many traditionalist,  that when there is no daughter in a family , the moment the parents, more so the mother, dies then the mother’s clan would  lay claim to all the property including the house, thus leaving the sons literally out on a limb. A law that will allow the parents to WILL out their property to their sons , will protect the sons’ rights from this outdated and unjust practice.

Thirdly, the whole world today revolves around the economy. The primary source of strength of a nation is its economy. A nation is strong if its economy is robust.  So families that have the resources should economically empower all the children equitably otherwise how will the children and our Jaidbynriew become economically strong ?

In our campaign for the RTI Act and the Compulsory Registration of Marriage Act, the Maitshaphrang have always believed that if the general public are not aware first, of the pros and cons of the law we are demanding, it will be useless to have the law. We have therefore always placed the Act in the public domain so that the public can ask questions, criticize, offer suggestions and comments. The campaign for this particular law has been there for the past 30 years plus together with the Compulsory Registration of Marriage through articles in the print media, pamphlets, posters , house meetings and recently through social media.

In conclusion, I would like to thank Gary Marbaniang for his comments and critiques and we have taken note of both his article and letter to the editor. We welcome all constructive opinions.

Yours etc.,

Michael N Syiem,

Via email


Are the fish now certified safe? 


The Government has allowed the sale of imported fish from August 23,  2018. We, as consumers are in the dark as to whether any tests have been conducted by the concerned authorities to ascertain whether these imported fish are free of formalin or other harmful chemicals. Will the Health Department, Food & Civil Supplies Department and Department of Fisheries kindly enlighten us? As consumers we surely have the right to know!

Yours etc.,

Dr. G. Kar Pyrkayastha

Shillong -4

  Prevent Misuse of State Funds


Pakistan’s new government has banned the discriminatory use of state funds and first class air travel by officials and leaders, including the president and the prime minister, as part of its austerity drive.The decisions were made at a Cabinet meeting, chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan on August 24, 2018. It has been decided that all the top government officials, including the president, prime minister, chief justice, senate chairman, speaker national assembly and the chief ministers will travel in business class. Even the army chief was not allowed first class travel and always used business class in Pakistan.That the Prime Minister has also decided to stop using special planes for foreign visits or domestic travel and to use the business class only is laudable.

In view of the devastating flood situation in a major part of the country can the ministers, political leaders and bureaucrats et al not take a cue from and emulate the exemplary austerity measures taken by their counterparts in the neighbouring country to provide additional flood-relief and spend tax-payers money for a benevolent and noble cause?

Yours etc.,

Samares Bandyopadhyay

Advocate, Kolkata High Court


Mawmluh Sordar’s ill conceived plan


I was drawn to a letter to the editor captioned, ‘VISIT TO KREM MAWMLUH’  (ST Aug l1, 2018).As far as my knowledge is concerned, such a misadventure is no longer news to me. The fact of the matter is that such misadventures have been carried out by some of the villagers and the Sordar of Mawmluh village which dates back to the early part of 1912 as per the records which show that they continue to encroach into the Sohra Syiemship land till date by way of cultivation, mining and tourism. In 1840, the Syiem of Sohra leased out the Par Syiem and other areas in Lum Lawbah for coal mining to the British Company where subsequently about 80% of the area has been declared to fall under Mawsmai and Mawmluh elakas by virtue of the classification that they became the non-states or British villages. In such a misadventure, the Sordar of Mawmluh filed a case in the court of the Deputy Commissioner, Khasi & Jaintia Hills against the Syiem of Sohra. In the judgment of December 9, 1927, WA Cosgrave, D.C., K & J Hills fixed the boundary from the 2nd mile stone of Cherra-Shella or Cherra-Mawmluh Road up to the precipice at Kshaid Umsaw falls(vide Mr. David Roy, SDC’s sketch map). Further, as per the Boundary case. No1. of 1937-38 and map sheet NO.78-0/11-12 AG.Patton, Secretary to the Govt of Assam(Revenue) notified the boundary in the Official Govt Gazette on March 5, 1941.

In contravention of the above court’s order and notification the Sordar of Mawmluh and his cohorts erected a signage in the Sohra Syiemship territory welcoming the passers- by to Mawmluh village and through your esteemed daily has illegally claimed the Dam–Um Cave(related to Meghalayan Age) by distorting the historical name to Krem Mawmluh which is non- existent in any available records. Since Mawmluh Village is still continuing to perform the annual rituals according to the traditional religious beliefs, I think it is unwise for the village elders to commit sacrilege, lest God forbid the bad moon may arise in Mawmluh Village.

On behalf of the Dorbar Shnong Mawki Syiem and as deputed by the Syiem and the Dorbar of Sohra Syiemship, we welcome each and every one to visit the Dam-Um Cave (related to Meghalayan Age) which is located on the south eastern part of the MCCL factory under Sohra Syiemship.

Yours etc.,

  1. Khongngain

Rangbah Shnong

Mawki Syiem, Sohra Syiemship.

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