Repatriation of Brus from Tripura camps halted

Agartala: The scheduled repatriation of Bru families lodged in six camps of North Tripura from Saturday was halted again as the inmates refused to move to Mizoram without fulfillment of their revised demands.
As per the instruction of Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) the process of final repatriation of 5,407 Bru families from Tripura to Mizoram was scheduled on August 14 last but it was delayed for amicable settlement of the issues related to repatriation.
According to reports, only one family has moved and the rest refused to leave the camp. However, sources claimed that the officials of Mizoram had come on Friday with a bus to carry the inmates but following opposition and demonstration the bus left with the officials.
“There was no official of Tripura or Mizoram in the area and tension is prevailing in the locality,” a villager of Damcherra said, adding that as per the revised plan, the repatriation process was expected to be completed by September 25.
The decision of repatriation from Saturday was made at a meeting attended by officials of MHA, governments of Tripura and Mizoram and other stakeholders, including the representatives of Brus followed by the tripartite agreement signed in July this year. (UNI)

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