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Taliban type Bill


Apropos to the letter captioned, ‘Hitler’s Bill” (ST Aug 1, 2018 ) I am thankful to the author for his valuable points on the Khasi Lineage Bill and to further add that to that, the idea behind the Bill is to take our society from civilization to the jungle. The Bill is derived from the ideology of the Taliban in Afghanistan. The intention of the CEM of the KHADC is to divide and destroy the Khasi society, as I do not see the Bill bringing any benefit to the Khasi society. In the debate held recently on the subject matter the representative of the Seng Khasi stressed the need to consult various clans and other stake-holders and discuss on the pros and cons of the Bill before passing it in the KHADC, which is a valid point to be noted.

If the concerned clans do not have any objection against the mixed marriages why should the KHADC poke its nose on the matter? The anti- Benami Law is in place to protect the economic interest of the Khasis. That in itself is sufficient to protect them and we blame the KHADC for not implementing the existing laws. The attitude and language of the present CEM of the KHADC of late appears to be highly arrogant and not less to that of a dictator. I do not believe all the MDCs are of the same view in favour of the Bill, unless they are being lured/bullied/ blackmailed by the CEM and we should not allow a group of 30 MDCs under undue influence of the arrogant HS Shylla to decide on the lives and future of 10 lakh people.

I would also inform the readers that under the behest of Mr HS Shylla himself, for his personal interest, a group of women called STIEH was formed to support the Taliban Bill. I appeal to all right thinking citizens to oppose the Bill tooth and nail and to prevent it from being enacted.

Yours etc.,

Markordor Shangpliang

Shillong -14

Is it a Personal Lineage Bill?


Apropos the news item in your paper, “Shylla meets Tynsong; Lashes out at activists” (ST July 31, 2018) I would like to say that the CEM has revealed his immaturity and irrational state of mind by deciding to implement the Khasi Lineage Bill, come what may, even without getting the assent of the Governor, which is mandatory under the law. He went further stating that he is ready to secede from India if the Bill is not approved, which confirms his unsound mind. Further, by making personal attacks against those opposing the Bill, it shows that he is not in a position to withstand criticism and to see reason. His statement reveals that he is taking personal interest in the Bill to upstage his rivals.

Therefore, let the readers and the public in general take note of the intention of the Bill as Mr Shylla has ulterior motives in moving the unsound bill. I appeal to all MDCs to rethink and to recall the Bill and consign it to the dustbin otherwise the electors will throw them out in the 2019 MDC elections. The state government should use its wisdom and power not to allow the Bill to be enacted as it will cause more damage than solving the issues of the Khasi society.

Yours etc.,  

TS Byrsat,

Shillong -8

Citizenship entails duties too 


After the publication of the final draft of NRC in Assam, a lot of furore has been created by our politicians all over India and particularly in Assam as to who actually is a citizen of India. About 40 lakh people could not find their names in the final list! We ordinary people who are  privileged to call ourselves Indians and assume citizenship as our birth right or ancestral property should ponder upon whether we actually deserve this privilege? We talk about enjoying our Fundamental Rights but seldom remember that the Constitution also enjoins Fundamental Duties to be exercised by each citizen. In modern democracies like India, only those people, apart from the sick, the invalid, the old and minor, deserve to be called citizens, who have a meaningful contribution to the nation’s socio-economic well being. And the likes of Mallyas, Choksis, criminals and corrupt politicians, at best deserve to be called mere inhabitants and stripped of all their privileges as ‘Citizens of India’
Yours etc.,

Sadiq H. Laskar,



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