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KSU wants video recording of interview conducted for recruitment to govt jobs

SHILLONG: The Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) has demanded the use of video cameras in the interview room during interviews conducted for recruitment to government jobs so as to ensure transparency in selection f the candidates.

In a statement issued here, the president of KSU, Lambokstarwell Marngar said, “To ensure transparency, video cameras should be used inside the interview room. If that cannot be done, how can we say it is transparent?”

He added the interviewee could  also be satisfied after they get a copy of the video and get to see what questions the interviewer had asks.

He reiterated that the job recruitment conducted through the MPSC or the DSC or any other government department, should be transparent and free from nepotism and favoritism.

Marngar said that the union on April 5, 2018 suggested to the state government to do away with personal interview for grade IV posts but to select deserving candidates on the basis of written examination.

Pointing to the disorder prevailing in job recruitment, he said, “If there are no such issues regarding job recruitment, why do youth looking for employment often knock at the doors of the Court?”

Marngar demanded that the state government should bring about a change in job recruitment to ensure that “White ink” incidents are not repeated.


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