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Giant screen at J N Stadium made a difference during World Cup soccer final tie

SHILLONG:  While many enjoyed the final of the 2018 FIFA world Cup    in the comfort of their homes,a  strong crowd of 15000 to 20000  in Shillong on Sunday evening enjoyed the  final match played between France and Croatia in an electrifying environment here at the JN Stadium

It was a treat for the thousands of football lovers in the city   who were not lucky enough to be in Russia to experience a massive event like the FIFA World Cup final

The football lovers who witnessed the game in the giant  screen at the stadium were also treated to some music by DJ’s and live bands and the crowd also witnessed a football free style display by the talented youths of the state.

Many young and old  had also painted their faces with the flag of Croatia and France besides there were selfie gallery as well where people clicked selfie to remember the day

At the end, it was also seen that a group of crowd went on to the pitch from their galleries in their excitement but there was no problem in the venue

Meghalaya Football Association,  CEO Arki Nongrum said that the event was amazing and the entire experience was way above than what they had expected.

Meanwhile, a local magician, John Lanong, also generated lot of excitement by announcing that he would be predicting the result of the final World Cup game before the game starts on Sunday.

Lanong had written the prediction beforehand. He then locked the prediction inside a box and it was hung near the giant screen in Polo from Sunday morning for all to see.

Lanong predicted the winners of the game and did it correctly as on the sheet that was kept inside a box and hung near the giant screen in Polo on Sunday, was written the name of the winning team (France) and the exact minutes of the four goals they scored together with the names of the players who scored.

The attempt was part of the 10th anniversary of magic initiation which will be celebrated this year. Lanong said that he  attempted this because he was a football fan and he felt he could do something with his art form

He said that he had been preparing for the big event for an entire month.

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