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PDF moves HC over ‘hasty’ election

SHILLONG: The People’s Democratic Front (PDF) on Friday filed a case in the High Court of Meghalaya alleging that the election to the CEM post in the KHADC was not conducted as per the rules of the council.
Grace Mary Kharpuri, who was a candidate of the People’s Democratic Alliance (PDA) in the council but remained absent from the election, said the poll was conducted hastily. PDA had the support of Congress MDCs.
“Many of the members did not even receive the notice at the appropriate time. There was violation of rules. Since the seat of chairman is vacant, I feel that the chairman should be elected first so as to go as per due procedure,” she said, adding, “The KHADC and the state will file a response.”
However, the court is yet to give any verdict.
Kharpuri recalled that they filed the nomination on Wednesday and fixed the date for the CEM’s election on Thursday.
The KHADC chairman also resigned on Thursday.
“The post of chairman is vacant and nobody will chair the House.
The nomination that we filed has lapsed and I feel we should re-file as per Rule 32 (2),” Kharpuri said.
Rule 32 (2) states, “At any time before noon on the day proceeding the date so fixed any member may nominate another member for election as chairman by delivering or causing to be delivered in the manner hereinafter provided to the Secretary of the District Council or in his absence, the Deputy Commissioner, a nomination paper signed by himself, a proposer and by a third member as seconder stating:­ (a) The name of the member nominated, and (b) That the proposer has ascertained that such member is willing to serve as Chairman, if elected.”
According to the rule 33, the date for election should be fixed by the chairman and not by the governor.
The governor had appointed Teilinia Thangkhiew as pro tem chairperson.
PDF parliamentary party leader James Ban Basaiawmoit said they were not informed about the next election but as per rules, the election should be conducted within 48 hours.
Echoing Kharpuri, he said, “The nomination is invalid because the chairman is also not there.”
Basaiawmoit added that there were some MDCs who received notice at 8 am and 1 am to attend the session on Friday, “Time should be given. Hence we feel that they did not work as per the rules.”
The PDF leader said a gap of one day should be there.
Meanwhile, former chairman LG Nongsiej said the blame for the delay in holding the election should not be on him and maintained that “there is nothing behind his resignation”.
He informed that on the day the trial of strength was conducted, he received a no-confidence notice from the opposition and said, “If they don’t have confidence in me, it is better for me to resign from the post of chairman.”


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