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KHADC shenanigans


The CEM of Khasi Hills Autonomous District Council (KHADC), P.N Syiem, is back in the news after a brief recess. In fact his name has been dominating the vernacular and English media for the last few weeks. Last year he has been in the news for a long time for a variety of reasons. Many were for the wrong reasons while few were for right ones. In fact a section of the society branded him as “the saviour of the Jaitbynriew” and ¬†“a Hero” who dared to challenge the then strongman of Meghalaya, Dr. Mukul Sangma, the former Chief Minister.

Naturally, being a public representative and also the Chief Executive of an important institution, the KHADC, his name is bound to make news one way or the other. But during his tenure as CEM of the Council his name has been dragged into too many issues, most of them associated with a lot of unsavoury controversies. The good thing about him is that he has been and is very lively, active and  a highly ambitious politician, though most of the time he is seen as an over- ambitious politician- CEM. It is high time that he clears all the doubts and aspersions cast on him by fellow MDCs. Surprisingly PN Syiem stepped down before emergent special session scheduled for Tuesday July 10. What does this indicate and why is Syiem hesitant about facing the heat? The public is tired of demands for his removal on several pretexts. Hence, the demand of the MDCs to immediately call a Session of the KHADC is justified to deliberate upon the various alleged omissions and commissions of the present CEM. Those MDCs and Executive members who are against this might have ulterior motives or otherwise. Certainly there must be too many things to unravel and too many murky affairs than meet the eyes. In fact, quite a number of defalcation issues were deliberated during past sessions but none of them saw the light of day for they were swept under the carpet of KHADC. Will the resignation of PN Syiem as CEM put a stop to the allegations raised by the agitating MDCs?

 It is time to put a stop to the murky goings-on in the KHADC as the very existence of the ADCs is being questioned. If such allegations of corruption are not addressed but are allowed to continue in the ADC it will lend credence to the demands made by several quarters for their discontinuance. The exercise of the Home Ministry to empower and strengthen the District Councils will not be self defeating if the functioning of the ADCs are not streamlined especially in their financial rectitude. The purpose of creation of the District Councils vide the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution is good but the people who run them must be the best.

Yours etc.,

Philip Marwein


Insulting the national flag


Apropos your editorial, “Normalising lynching” (ST, July 9, 2018), it is to be seen to be believed that the dead body of a murderer cow vigilante was covered with our national flag! It is to be seen to be believed that some people can even march with our national flags in their hands in support of child – killer – rapists! Now, we are also seeing a person of the stature of a minister of the Central government garlanding eight killer cow vigilante hoodlums! How dare they insult our national flag and the law of the land?¬†

Yours etc.,

Sujit De

SC allows live-stream of court-proceedings


This refers to Supreme Court bench headed by Chief Justice of India on July 9, 2018 expressing willingness for live streaming of its proceedings. But live telecast can be feasible only for few selected court-proceedings. The need is to provide some practical mechanism whereby recordings may be replayed in case of need. It may be recalled that Supreme Court had to issue contempt-notices on  September 20, 2012 to two English dailies Pioneer and Indian Express allegedly for their having misreported court-proceedings.      


With court-rooms equipped with necessary wiring-slots for the purpose, Supreme Court should take immediate steps for compulsory audio-recording of proceedings in all court-rooms right from Supreme Court to trial-courts including High Courts. Such audio-recordings may be available on annual subscription to those having subscribed for the same, soon after court-proceedings are over for the day. Provision of providing recording of daily proceedings of individual court-rooms may also be there on payment. This system will induce much-needed transparency, accountability and responsibility for all present in court-rooms also effectively checking corruption at different levels in judiciary. It is also observed that at times judges forget their verbal directions on the next date of hearing.

Yours etc.,

Subhash Chandra Agrawal

(Guinness Record Holder & RTI Consultant)

Delhi ‚Äď 6


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