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Woman recovers from bipolar disease, memory loss taking herbal medicines


SHILLONG:  A woman in Shillong who was suffering  from bipolar disorder and memory loss, has been  finally  cured, thanks to a local medicinal practitioner and her herbal medicines.

The local medicinal practitioner from Kyiem village near Mawphlang, Jngersy Kharshandi managed to cure a 58-year-old woman, Dorothy Gonsalves who was suffering from bipolar disorder and memory loss.

Speaking to media persons here on Thursday,   brother of Dorothy, Leo Gonsalves who works as an insurance agent said that it was a blessing for his family as they had lost all their hopes if Dorothy would ever be able to regain her memory.

He said that “It has been more than five months after his sister was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and memory loss and they were even force to tie her legs since she tend to become aggressive,”

The family  of Dorothy even took her  to different hospitals including Nazareth, NEIGRHIMS and MIMHANS for the treatment of his sister.

“We were all depressed since there was no sign of improvement of my sister health despite taking several medications,” Leo said  while maintaining that  the blessing of God came when one of his clients gave him the mobile number of Jngersy Kharshandi

“To my surprise, my sister started to recover within 13 days after taking the herbal medicines. We are all very happy since my sister has regained her memory,” he said

On the other hand, the local medicinal practitioner Jngersy Kharshandi  recalled that even her own son was suffering from a similar disorder  and she could not treat her own son at the right time since she was not able to get the right medicinal plants to start the treatment.

I could start the treatment only when my son was 16 years old. My son who is now 24 is living a normal life like other youths  of the village,” she added.

She says that   she started treating people at a young age of 14 years but it was only in 2002 when decided to practice full time as a traditional healer.

She also informed that as per the notes in her diary, she can cure a total number of 24 diseases.
The local medicinal practitioner said that one of the major difficulties she had been facing was to get the medicinal plants she required to prepare medicines for various kinds of disease.
“I wanted to buy a land somewhere in Ri-Bhoi in order to plant my own medicinal plants,” Kharshandi added.

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