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Mortar and RPGs among Sohan’s arsenal recovered from jungle


TURA: Two powerful mortars along with rocket propelled grenades and a launcher are among a large cache of weapons recovered from the forests of Dorengkigre village, across Simsang River, in Williamnagar on Wednesday morning.

The arms and ammunition were found after an extensive search launched following inputs about a large cache of weapons left hidden by slain GNLA militant chief Sohan D Shira.

“We had information from reliable sources about the hidden weapons in the forests of Dorengkigre village and we launched a search which led to the recovery of a large number of weapons,” informed district police chief R T G Momin.

Among the weapons that stood out for its ferocity were two numbers of 2 inch Mortars used by militaries across nations to devastate large areas with its shelling. Along with the two mortars was a mortar shell recovered.

Since the death of Sohan police have seized three RPGs from different locations, but this is the first time two powerful mortars have been recovered.

Another weapon recovered included the RPG launcher with two numbers of RPG rockets, a Heckler and Koch 5.56 assault rifle, an AK 47, a land mine detonator cap, 12 numbers of pistol magazines,153 rounds of the HK 5.56mm ammunition, 55 numbers of remote bomb circuit, 94 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition, 11 numbers of bomb remote control, a walkie talkie communication handset and 13 electronic detonators.

Police have identified the recovered AK rifle to be one that belonged to the state force.

“We suspect that the AK rifle belongs to the police department because the model is similar to the one used by us. It may have been taken away in an ambush and we are yet to confirm in which ambush,” said SP Momin.


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