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Shillong Traffic Police recovers over Rs 13 lakh from violators


SHILLONG: Shillong Traffic Police have realized Rs 13,31,730 as fine  during the month of April, 2018 as compared to  Rs 6, 65,450 during the month of March from the violators committing offences under provisions of the MV Act.

Superintendent of Police (Traffic), B. J. Laloo  said that five 509 persons were fined for wrong parking,  while 172 were No Entry violators

Similarly, 559 were  for driving without seatbelt,  while driving licenses 42 persons were impounded for driving under the influence of alcohol (Drunken Driving) and non – FIR was taken up for  four offenders for the same

In addition, 239 persons were fined for driving without driving license,  19  for Permit violation,   and 49  for driving without helmet in addition to the other offences under the MV Act.

Meanwhile, he also informed that in continuation with the  earlier publication where it was said the arrangement would be on a trial basis; where vehicles were allowed to enter the new road from Little Blossom School (near Polo Towers) towards City Hut Dhaba Junction – Police Bazaar and the vise versa.

Further, the vehicles were not allowed to take Right Turn from Pegasus Crown Hotel for proceeding towards Police Bazaar (which will be a One Way Zone) but was allowed to take the Right Turn near Old High Court

“Hence, after the observation that  it resulted in more vehicular traffic jam around the mentioned places. Therefore, it has been decided to make the road a One-Way zone,” he said.


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