Police asks NIPMT to close down for a day to facilitate investigation


SHILLONG: Shillong police on Thursday  asked National Institute of Paramedical Technology (NIPMT) operating in the city to temporarily close down the institute for facilitating investigation into the complaint that alleged that it is a “fake” institute.

Police from Laitumkhrah police station immediately rush to the institute after receiving information that the members of the Khasi Students’ Union (KSU) and parents of the students were protesting outside its premises.

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Majority of the parents expressed that the NIPMT should refund the fees paid for various courses which include medical lab technician, nursing assistant, X-ray technician and ECG technician.

The KSU leaders also sought clarification from the authority of the NIPMT on the allegation that the certificates issued to the students were not accepted when they applied for jobs and admission in other institutes.

Speaking to reporters here on Thursday, KSU education secretary Readyonstone Nongrum said  that as per the complaints of  50-60 students  the institute is fake since other institutes (where  they have applied for admission) failed to recognise this institute

Students informed that the institute had charged admission fees of Rs 20,000 and monthly fee of Rs 1,800 besides Rs 15,000 for practicals. The courses are of two years.

Meanwhile, NIPMT director Hrishikesh Shahi said that the institute was started in 2009 and is under the Bharat Sevak Samaj (BSS) which is a National Development Agency recognized by the Planning Commission of India.

Denying that it is a fake institute, he said while informing that the identity cards of the students are issued from Delhi and the diploma certificates are also issued by the BSS.

“If the institute is fake,  let there be an investigation by the CBI,” he said while claiming that many students who completed the diploma courses from the institute have got jobs in the different hospitals like Holy Cross Hospital, Nazareth Hospital, Woodland Hospital, Hope Clinic and Civil Hospital.



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