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Journalists join hands to protest attack on residence of Editor of The Shillong Times

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SHILLONG: “Journalists would not dilute their writings because some criminals are after their blood,” was the loud and clear message of the media fraternity here in Shillong during a solidarity march organised on Thursday to protest against the recent incident of throwing petrol bomb at the residence of Patricia Mukhim, Editor of The Shillong Times.

The march began from the Shillong Press Club and it was participated by journalists from across the state and supported by different Press Clubs and journalists Unions from across the country.

During the march, journalists with placards and banners   demanded immediate action against the perpetrators of the crime.

Addressing the journalists after the march, Patricia Mukhim made a clarion call to the media fraternity to remain united and stand together in all situations.

“There are some groups, individuals and vested interests who do not want truth to be told about their activities and acts of omission and commission,” Mukhim said even she maintained that there was a space for dissent in democracy and people could give rejoinders, write to newspapers if they don’t agree with the views.

According to Mukhim, if individuals or groups feels they are misquoted or wrongly reported, there are many ways to resolve the issue and the matter should be discussed and deliberated.

Asserting that there is no space for intimidation in a democracy, she urged upon the journalists particularly the young ones to stand together for the truth as without truth there is no journalism.

Earlier, Shillong Press Club President, David Laitphlang said, “What we do good, we will do better and even the best.”

He also warned that the solidarity march was a direct signal to criminals to watch out as some body was coming after them.

“They will be hunted and penalized and they would spend some quality time in jail,” Laitphlang said.  

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