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Shillong civil hospital treats 8338 cancer patients during 2010-2017


SHILLONG: Total 8338 cancer patients have been registered in the cancer department of Shillong Civil Hospital from the year 2010 till 2017 and the patients included more males than females.

Health Minister, AL Hek provided the total number of cancer patients registered in the Cancer department, Civil Hospital Shillong in reply to a motion moved by Congress MLA Ampareen Lyngdoh on the alarming condition of medical treatment of cancer patients.

In the year 2010 there were a total of 752 patients (males-512, females-240), in 2011-862 (males-551, female-311), in 2012- 1023 (males-635, 388-females), in 2013 – 1095 (males-741, females-354), in 2014-1099 (males-730, females-369), in 2015 – 1053 (males-748, females-305), in 2016- 1323 (males- 707, females-616), in 2017-1131 (males-667, females-464).

There were a total of 192 patients from January 2018-march 21, 2018. The number of patients treated with Radiation Therapy from 2012 till 2017 is 2927 and during January 2018 and March 2018 is 114.

In 2012, the number of patients are 480 (males-330, females-150), in 2013-467 (males-299, females-168), in 2014- 531 (males-338, females-193), in 2015-446 (males-286, females-160), in 2016-482 (males-330, females-152), in 2017-521 (males-350, females-171), January-March 2018- 114 (males-69, females-45).

Speaking about accommodation problems of the patients , Hek said the existing Civil Hospital could no longer accommodate more patients and at times became congested consequent upon the rapid growth of cancer patients in the state.

Stating that patients needing only day care services have insisted and at times aggressively demanded that they be accommodated in the hospital as they have no other shelter in the city, he said, “This has given rise to patients being accommodated in the corridors, ramps and even in any free space in the hospital.”

He added the department had been allotted 25 beds for cancer patients besides private wards which is subject to availability and utilization of other beds of other departments of the hospital.

“The Cobalt machine was started in 2005 and is in perfect working condition till date,” Hek said adding the Civil Hospital Shillong is the only institution providing this mode of treatment in the state.

To augment the existing cancer treatment facility, he informed that the government through Health and Family Welfare Department entered into an agreement in the form of MoU with the Government of India through the Department of Atomic Energy to set up the Cancer Wing at Civil Hospital, Shillong.

“Based on the MoU, an amount of Rs 26, 16, 29, 780 was sanctioned in the year 2008 which includes construction of infrastructures, equipment, human resource development, cancer research activities and conducting seminars etc,” Hek said.


He added that the civil works is near completion and it is hoped that the cancer wing having state-of-the -art equipment will be commissioned at the earliest which will greatly benefit cancer patients attending this hospital for management.


Referring to the population-based cancer registry, Hek said North East has the highest number of cancer cases and Meghalaya ranks number 4 after Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur.

The number of cancer patients who have benefitted from MHIS-I treated at Civil Hospital Shillong are 993 and the amount expended is Rs 50, 96, 875 and under the MHIS-II, the total number of cancer patients who have benefitted is 523 and the amount expended is Rs 52, 64, 685.

Under the MHIS-III, the total number of patients who have benefitted till date is 298 and the total amount expended so far is Rs 16, 86, 978. There is a total of 180 packages (42+138 senior citizen) under MHIS-III for Oncology treatment.

Hek stated that people were coming forward to the awareness camps organised and conducted by various agencies like State Cancer Society which has helped in detection and timely treatment.

Congress MLAs Ampareen Lyngdoh and HM Shangpliang raised concern on the number of patients who are getting treatment in the corridors of Civil Hospital.

Another Congress MLA Mayralborn Syiem said the expensive treatment of cancer need to be looked into and help extended to rural areas.

HSPDP MLA Renikton Lyngdoh stressed on giving counseling to cancer patients to give them the required mental strength to deal with the disease as he maintained that cancer is curable and pushed for the need to have early detection of cancer.

Congress MLA Zenith Sangma said, “Doctors tell their patients not to smoke but they are chain smokers themselves.”

He spoke about the chemically enhanced vegetables and foods that bring the risk of cancer. Similarly, George Lyngdoh said food products should be inspected including local breweries.

Pointing to Lakadong turmeric and brown rice produced in the state which is found to cure cancer, he suggested a research work to be conducted for the commodities.

He suggested there should be coherence among government departments such as the Agriculture department, PHE with the health department.

Lyngdoh also asked on the fate of mobile cancer detection unit as to whether it is operational or not.

Congress MLA PT Sawkmie maintained that manpower in CHC and PHC should be strengthen for people to gain confidence in government hospitals.




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