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Government apathy towards Sports in Garo Hills


I want to bring to the notice of the State Sports Department about its apathy towards development of games and sports in Garo Hills. Tura. When I talk about development, I mean creation of sports infrastructure in Tura which has been badly missing for long. The abandoned stadium construction at Alotgre, which was started by the State Sports Council some 30 years back is living testimony of State Government’s step-motherly treatment to the people of Tura Town. It is a pity that after a lapse of 40 years, the Sports Department has not been able to provide us one decent playground to train up our budding sporting talent. The only mini stadium (Dikki Bandi) at Dakopgre, which was constructed at the initiative of Late P.A. Sangma, former Lok Sabha Speaker, is mainly used for all sorts of public events rather than sports activities. Besides, the ground itself is not an ideal one to conduct any big tournament either at the district or State level, leave alone hold the National Games. The stadium also lacks other basic facilities like drainage system, VIP enclosure, dressing room, public toilets, etc. Therefore, unless the stadium is upgraded into a full-fledged one, its mere presence as a sports centre is of no use for promotion of sports.

Much was expected during the tenure of Mr. Zenith M. Sangma, the Tura based MLA who was also the Sports Minister in the last Government. A number of representations were submitted to him by Tura Sports Association with a request to do the needful for creation of new infrastructures like – stadium construction, upgradation of D.B. Stadium, renovation of Youth Hostel, construction of Indoor Stadium, etc. But through promises galore were made nothing has happened on the ground.  

Last year, there was a news report about the Sports Minister’s statement in the Assembly during the budget session that an amount of Rs 40 crores had been earmarked from non-lapsable central fund to construct a new JN stadium at Tura. This statement was substantiated by the Chief-Minister Dr. Mukul M. Sangma, in his address thereafter. The sports lovers of Tura are impatient to know about utilization of that allotted amount for the new Tura Stadium. We leave it to the wisdom of our new Chief Minister Mr. Conrad K. Sangma and his Sports Minister Mr. Banteidor Lyngdoh, to examine the case and enlighten us about utilization of fund under this particular project. The stony silence of our representatives in the past and lackadaisical attitude of different sports bodies in the locality might be the main cause for stagnation of sports and games in Tura and the Garo HIlls. Under the prevailing sports scenario, there is nothing for the people of Tura to cheer about in the forthcoming National Games Festival, to be hosted in the State during 2022.

Yours etc,

Rozario M. Sangma



Jewel thief or business tycoon?


The CBI blamed the PMO for the diamond merchant Nirav Modi fleeing the country and also blamed Narendra Modi for keeping silent on the Rs 11,400 crore scam. Mehul Choksi, uncle of Nirar Modi had fraudulently taken money from investors and sold diamonds to franchises. He ran a Ponzi scheme to attract investors and lured Bollywood stars to sell his brand. Choksi imported gold and diamonds without paying duty and without registration. The franchises were victims of a big swindle. About 700 customers and 72 franchisee owners were duped by Choksi. Nirav Modi paid no taxes for two years. Choksi would fake labs diamonds as real. A non-bailable warrant was issued against Choksi way back in 2016 by the Karnataka court. As an ex- banker, I fail to understand how the Letter of Undertaking ( LOU) could be issued by Punjab National bank without collateral security. Surely there is a nexus between the Bank, the Income Tax Dept, the Enforcement Dept. and some people in the ruling dispensation. How could a scam of such proportion not be detected earlier? Punjab National Bank issued 143 LOUs to M/S Gitanjali Jewels and 233 foreign Letters of Credit. The role of the internal auditors of the Bank is now under the scanner. Now the CBI wants to examine these auditors. The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) recommends privatization of public sector banks. Will FICCI’s new solution prevent frauds? Do Indian laws protect defaulters rather than the aam aadmi? Banks officers should be transferred every three years and employees every five years. If such practices were implemented in the Punjab National Bank, such frauds could have been detected.

Yours etc.,

Micheal N Lyngdoh

Shillong -14

Street hawkers take over all footpaths


This is to bring to the notice of the authorities concerned regarding the virtual take over of the city by street hawkers. Indeed we are being eaten up by the hawkers. I can fully understand the plight of the hawkers who sell their daily wares and come back next day with fresh vegetables etc. But I am appalled to see the streets in Police Bazar right up to the centre of the road and the hawkers dropping their goods in their own vehicles!  Another hawker’s haven at Laitumkhrah, Police Point) displaying items right from shoes, dresses and even fast food items from chicken drumsticks, pakoras, chicken dry fry et al. You name it, you will get it! All of this is on the footpath! With the traffic congestion and now footpath congestion are we going to allow our Beautiful Shillong to be eaten up by hawkers?

I would suggest that every hawker should have a license with a minimum fee to display and sell their goods. I hope somebody is reading, watching and listening. Something really has to be done so that only genuine street hawkers are the ones who will sit and sell their daily wares which will benefit not only the seller but the consumer at large.

Yours etc.,


Shillong – 6

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