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Chibinang moral policing accused arrested, 2 more come forward to surrender


TURA: One of the main accused behind the assault of a woman near Chibinang in the plains belt region, a video of which had gone viral, has been arrested by West Garo Hills police, early Monday morning.

West Garo Hills police picked up Biren S Sangma within hours of the video of the assault getting uploaded on social media. Police have also identified several another assailants including one Martin B Sangma who is on the run. Two other suspects in the assault have sent word of their willingness to give themselves up. They are due to surrender within the next few hours.

Following the assault on the women which took place on Saturday and the video going viral, police had launched an enquiry the same day.

According to West Garo Hills police chief, MG Raghavendra Kumar, the enquiry revealed that the incident took place near a picnic spot at Mronggre Bikonggre, in Chibinang area of  Phulbari.

Sources reveal that the girl, who hails from Ampati in South West Garo Hills district, was apparently with a group of male friends when they were accosted by local youths who objected to her presence in the company of men from another community.

The group of boys, angered by her lone presence in the company of men, then goes on to assault her while her companions flee for safety. The woman, who is allegedly estranged from her husband, a policeman, drew the wrath of the locals for being part of the group of revelers leading to the unsavory incident. Garo Hills police have already registered a suo moto case.



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