PDF supports Syiem as KHADC chief

By Our Reporter

SHILLONG: PDF on Wednesday asked its leader PN Syiem to remain as KHADC chief though he wanted to step down from the CEM post and devote himself to strengthening his party.
Addressing media persons on Wednesday, Syiem said, “It is true that I wanted to step down and hand over the post to a successor as I have held the post of CEM for not less than three years.”
However, the PDF chairman added that it was decided in the party meeting on Wednesday that “it is not the right time to leave the post. At the same time, there will be clarification on the Rs 33 crore received from the Centre during the KHADC session”.
There was an attempt to topple Syiem as the CEM because the MDCs were not happy with him since many of them were not given equal schemes from the Rs 33 crore central fund.
Stating that the party won four seats given the short duration of preparation for election, Syiem said he wanted to give his time to organise the party and wanted to be relieved of the post of CEM.
Speaking on the implementation of the scheme of Rs 33 crore meant for 2017-18, he said, “Before the election, we received the scheme for 2017-18 and if we don’t expedite the implementation of the scheme, we might miss the scheme for 2018-19, who will be responsible for that?”
He added that the schemes go to development of council’s assets which included the Rs 5 crore Mawthabah road etc., which will generate remuneration of the Council whereas the MDC scheme depends on the policy of the executive committee.
In 2015-16, the KHADC received the special central assistance and the central government missed the scheme for the year 2016-17 due to the delay in implementation of the scheme for 2015-16.
He reiterated that there is no such distribution of schemes among PDF candidates who are not members of the District Council.
“The MDCs get Rs 3-crore worth schemes but the extra things are done as per the prerogative of the (KHADC) Executive Committee,” Syiem said.
No ouster threat
Syiem on Wednesday downplayed the attempt of 20 MDCs to topple him as “rumours” and said “there is no threat”.
“There are 11 of us here (PDF MDCs) and there are a total of 29 MDCs in the House which means the remaining is 18 members. How can there be signatories of 20 MDCs,” he said.
Syiem pointed out that it was decided that NPP would lead the alliance government in the state and PDF, a partner in the coalition, would lead the district council.
Asked whether HSPDP and UDP will sit in the opposition in the KHADC while it is a coalition partner of MDA, he said it is not possible for UDP and HSPDP to go with the Congress in the District Council as it is part of the MDA coalition.
“After the change in the state government, they should discuss on this issue because PDF is very clear, we cannot work with the Congress in the district council,” he added.
He said that he would continue as parliamentary party leader of PDF in the wake of a unanimous decision taken by PDF MDCs.
Marketing PDF
When asked whether the name of the present coalition in the KHADC, the People’s Democratic Forum (PDF), would change if UDP and HSPSP support the political party, Syiem said, “All this time, there is the People’s Democratic Forum and there is the People’s Democratic Front, why should we confuse people?”
“During that time, it was our strategy to market the name of PDF (Party). Without such strategy how we can win four seats,” he added.
Asked on the Lok Sabha polls, Syiem said the matter would be discussed.

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