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New govt faces uphill task to ease traffic congestion in Shillong

SHILLONG: Go to Police Bazar, Motphran, Lumdeingjri, Laitumkhrah  or even Nongthymmai, the  most common sight for any Shillongite is the long queue of vehicles crawling on the road to reach their respective destinations.

Like every day, the flow of traffic in Shillong seems to be on the rise and with schools re-opening, the situation has gone from bad to worse.

Like  every day, it was seen  on Tuesday that huge number of vehicles right from  Mawlai were crawling in traffic jam and the situation was similar in almost every part of the town

On Tuesday, traffic jam was seen from Lumdienggjri till Rhino point, IGP till Motphran and everywhere else.

Speaking on the matter,   East Khasi Hills SP, D Marak said that the traffic was less in the city simply due to the fact that schools were on vacation and now as schools are open,  traffic jam is on the rise

Marak informed that they had given certain recommendations to the previous Government and now it depended on the new Government if they   would look into those suggestions.

When asked about the suggestions, he said that the police had recommended the State Government to engage some consultation firm to conduct a study and see what mechanism would be feasible in Shillong to ease out the traffic.

“ We have recommended the Government to engage some consultation firm  which will recommend if flyovers, vehicular under pass  or any other mode of transportation will be feasible in Shillong ,” he said.

Marak also said that with no scope for road expansion in the city and ever increasing traffic, some drastic decisions might also have to be taken for expanding the roads in the city.

It would be interesting to see as how does the new Government addresses the issue of traffic jams in Shillong town  as many of the political parties during the campaigning for the Assembly had continuously raised the issue of traffic jam in Shillong and now its time for them to respond to the biggest challenge in Shillong town .

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