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Getting on with governance!


 Apropos the article ‘Let’s get on with governance’ by Patricia Mukhim ( ST March 9, 2018 ) I totally agree with her views that as responsible citizens our main concern is the overall development of our state. All of us should be fully aware that the state of Meghalaya ranks last in comparison with other states in the North-East whether it is in the field of Education, Health, Infrastructure, Tourism, Law and order etc according to the Annual Survey conducted by ‘India Today’ Magazine, (November 27, 2017) which is absolutely disheartening considering that our state has stepped into the 45th year of its creation. The recent Assembly elections was supposed to prove that a change was needed which was reflected in the election results.

 What is required, thus, is good leadership. We need smart, energetic and dynamic leaders to push our state forward. In many parts of the world, at present, a new trend is seen- that of ‘cooperative federalism’ in which cooperation is required between the Central government and the state governments for development. In fact the Central, state and local governments should interact cooperatively and collectively to solve common problems. The idea of rigid division of powers between the Centre and the states has now become obsolete. Small states, like that of ours, need the financial aid and assistance of the Central government for investment in big projects in the fields of Health, Industries, Education, Power generation etc.

 The constant bickering and back-biting by some of our leaders especially the ones who were defeated in the recent elections will just put obstacles in the move towards development. Instead, they should start adopting a different attitude if they profess that they really love their people and their state. They should be more open minded and look at the entire country and see how advanced the other states have become. They should give full support to the presently formed government and give it a chance to bring about the change needed. Therefore, let us leave our parochial mindsets behind and just believe in ‘getting the job done’ no matter who is at the helm of power.

Yours etc.,

Corina Lyngdoh,



On extractive limestone mining


The coal ban imposed by the National Green Tribunal (NGT) has had both positive and negative outcomes but it is ironic that while the ban is imposed upon the state, the cement factories around Jaintia Hills have been the beneficiaries of this ban by buying coal at subsidized rates from Assam and from elsewhere while destroying the environment around. The MPSCB is a toothless agency that has not even once made its public hearings open to the media.

There are a lot of stakes in such sham hearings. The proposed acquisition by Star Cement of approximately 70 hectares for the extraction of limestone costing between about 20 to 25 lakh per tonne annually in and around the Narpuh forest cover is a disaster.

This forest cover surrounds parts of Lumshnong and adjoining villages and any further expansion or encroachment is detrimental to the River Lukha and to the fragile forest cover which has seen a drastic change in many ways. Those who had benefitted have always thought of their selfish needs and left out those marginalised. What is the view of the NGT or the new dispensation of the NPP coalition government will be interesting to watch. It is time the State Government takes a serious look into the function of MPSCB and its role.

Yours etc…

Dominic S. Wankhar,

 Via email

Battling the ego!


Which quality has mostly been misunderstood since ages? It is undoubtedly humility! Two groups of people ~ hypocrites and defeatists ~ have abused it in two diametrically opposite ways. While hypocrites feign humility to get puffed up inside with a feel of vanity, defeatists use it to extract masochistic pleasure.

It is either our superiority or inferiority complex that uses humility in the wrong way. In both of these cases, it is humility before human beings. But true humility is being humble before the Divine and not before any human being. As the Mother (spiritual collaborator of Sri Aurobindo) said, “True humility consists in knowing that the Supreme Consciousness, the Supreme Will alone exists and that the I is not.” One can attain such an unalloyed humility if one realizes that everything is One in this infinite universe and to mark oneself as a completely separate entity is a falsehood. We must reflect on the fact that the atoms of my body will constitute other individuals/ animals/ trees/ materials after our deaths.

Even the atoms of our nail and hair clippings become part of other bodies and things during our very lifetime! As a matter of fact, humility does not belittle us. As C. S. Lewis had said, “Humility is not thinking less of yourself: it’s thinking of yourself less.” Indeed, we must not think that we are less capable. Just like a small banyan seed that has a magic blueprint within it to grow up to become a very big tree if it gets a field to grow; every human being has immense potentialities to become a great person with the help of perseverance if she/ he gets a level playing field to nurture her/ his talent. But we must not think only about ourselves as it is a falsehood to separate ourselves from the whole universe. By thinking of ourselves less, we will actually be able to enlarge to live infinity and live oneness where there is no room for little vanity, little self-complacency and little self-pity. Humility, as it were, hatches the ego – egg to break the hard shell of the ego to give birth to a psychic conscious being.

Yours etc.,

 Sujit De,


Polling day suggestion!


Through your esteemed daily I would like to draw the kind attention of the Chief Electoral Officer, Meghalaya about the impending election to the Williamnagar Constituency. It is a fact that the electorate of this Constituency who are Government employees are serving in every nook and corner of the State in different capacities.

The transportation facilities to and from Khasi/Jaintia Hills is insufficient and one will face difficulty in exercising one’s franchise. In this regard, I, on behalf of the conscious electorates of Williamnagar Constituency would like to request the CEO Meghalaya to kindly suggest or propose ‘Friday’ as polling day so that the Govt employees in Khasi/Jaintia Hills region will not be required to avail extra casual leave and can easily return to their workplace on Saturday.

It is also worth mentioning that there are also Christian denomination(s) that observe Saturdays as their Sabbath Day and hence Fridays are most convenient for Polling Day. This will not only enable the outstation electorate of Williamnagar to cast their votes but also the electorate of constituencies where bye-election is/are slated to be held.

Yours etc.,

 Louvre Venus Rangsa Marak


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