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Fire destroys house at Shallang

NONGSTOIN: A fire allegedly caused by short circuit destroyed a house at Shallang Sohbar A in West Khasi Hills on Monday afternoon.
The house was owned by Bahun Sohbar, who told media persons that the blaze started around noon when no one was at home.
“I went to Shallang PHC for check-up and when I came back, I saw a crowd in front of my house which had turned into ashes,” said Sohbar
He added that even police were helpless as there was no fire service at Shallang.
The estimated loss is expected to be around Rs 4 lakh. No one was injured. Inquiry has started to ascertain the exact reason for the blaze.
The sordar of Shallang Sohbar A told media persons that fire tenders come from Riangdo and Rongjeng.
The villagers later urged Mawshynrut MLA Gigur Marthong and the MDA government to set up a fire and emergency service office at Shallang where they had offered land eight years ago.

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