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‘Of angels and demons’


I would like to join fellow writers to congratulate Patricia Mukhim for her  timely, daring and boldest  article so far , ‘Of Church, Politics, God and Satan (ST March 2, 2018) which must make everyone concerned take note and introspect  rather than resort to a denial mode.  After many years of deliberations the Maitshaphrang will soon release it’s Ideology  that talks about , among other subjects, the often repeated declaration that we are  ‘Ka jaidbynriew tip Briew tip Blei’ and study together  how near or how far away we are from this  self proclamation.

Yours etc.,

Michael N. Syiem,

Via email     

Truth versus Hype; beef ban & other things


I congratulate Patricia Mukhim for her article in your esteemed daily titled,  “ Of religion, Church God and Satan” (ST Mar 2, 2018). It  is the  best write-up  I had  ever read and without doubt I can say  she reflects  the image of the Saviour  in straight talk without mincing words to please anyone and with deep insight into human nature that many lack! People who are not  conformed to the ways of the world are the apple of HIS Eye!

What endeared me to  Prime Minister Modi is the fulfilment of God’s Word  ( Psalms 113:7).  But I am not here to harangue on the PM’s credentials but to figure out  which among the two national parties is more  anti -Christian and whether  “beef ban and the anti Christian bogey worked in Garo Hills ? During his poll campaign at Phulbari, West Garo Hills, PM Modi  blessed the people of Garo Hills  in Garo language. Funny that an alleged anti-Christian would do so isn’t it ? Close on the heels of the Gujarat poll victory PM Modi himself  admitted on an NDTV news footnote which reported him as saying,  “Gujarat poll victory is a miracle!” Believing in a miracles is not anti-Christian !

In contrast the secular’ Mahila Congress leader,  Sushmita Dev  asked  our MP, and present Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma  on his ties with BJP and told him to swear by the Holy Bible or Holy Cross. This is a taboo and an insult  to all genuine Christians!  Now  I find her more anti-Christian ! Both the beef ban and anti Christian bogey had their impact in Garo Hills but to a  limited extent. The main  reason why the BJP drew a blank in Garo Hills is (a) BJP and NPP  fought each other in the polls (b) Voters were skeptical of the District BJP President of Tura, who was once a formidable  militant leader prior to joining politics,. Otherwise BJP was sure to bag 3 or 4 seats from the plain belts of Garo Hills.

All said and done the discordant noise coming from one of the MDA partners is disquieting and if things
become too hot for the MDA there is only one way out –  Dissolve the Assembly, put the State under  President’s rule and seek fresh mandate for a clear-cut verdict and  have simultaneous polls with upcoming  Lok Sabha  elections early next year. This is my humble  view and I wish to say that Mr  Prestone Tynsong,  Hon’ble Minister  is a real gentleman
who was honest enough to admit that the Will of God  was tailor-made in Conrad Sangma  becoming CM  of Meghalaya. May God bless his soul for honouring God.  Once again  I salute Patricia Mukhim for deep insights in her most  recent article wherein she spelled out clearly the priorities for the incumbent  Govt.

Yours etc., .
Sonaram  M Sangma,

Via email.

Stop the political drama!


Just two days into the MDA Government and one of the alliance partners is threatening to leave the coalition. Is this the way to start? One simple pointer to the newly elected legislators: Please do not try to vitiate the mood of the people and that of the newly formed dispensation by issuing irresponsible and unwarranted statements just for the sake of garnering political mileage. Remember, the people did not elect you to enjoy your gimmicks; they simply want the business of governance to move on.  Start working. This is a state where the land and people are beautiful so there is no reason on earth why the elected members cannot perform if  they have the  will to do so. Just leave aside your  narrow interests at least for the time being and start performing for the overall betterment. The public are not stupid.  So please start working without any fear or prejudice as there is no other vice. Please understand again, the people did not elect you to tolerate your comical and short sighted statements. Also, please know that the people are hawkishly watching you.

Yours etc.,

Partha Sarathi Gupta,

Via email


Why wash dirty linen in public?  


Apropos the news item “Ardent hurls betrayal charge at UDP” (ST Mar 8, 2018) I wish to comment that the fate of Regional Democratic Alliance (RDA) consisting of UDP and HSPDP is in disarray because of the strained relationships between the former President of HSPDP and UDP over the allegation of betrayal by Ardent. Moreover, Ardent reportedly said he was hurt when the two HSPDP MLAs did not obey him for allying with MDA in which BJP is also an ally. Instead of taking up the issue with his party MLAs personally he instead made his disapproval public. The public have nothing to gain from this drama. This is unbecoming of a public leader and is nothing short of washing dirty linen in public. Again, instead of taking up the issue of supporting the MDA government with Dr. Donklupar Roy, who is the Chairman of RDA and other colleagues of RDA, Ardent  instead chose to accuse UDP publicly of betrayal. This is wrong of him as a public leader. His anger against his HSPDP MLAs for disobeying him should have been taken to the RDA and not brought out in the public domain. But now, it is too late. It would have been better for Ardent to keep quiet and be content with what has happened. What Ardent should have done was to raise his voice much before negotiations for forming the non-Congress coalition government, the MDA was going on.

Your etc.,

Philip Marwein,


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