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Agonising reappraisal

The shattering defeat of the CPI (M) in Tripura has caused a rethink in the party at the twenty fifth state conference in Kolkata. There was inexplicable vacillation in the party for some time about whether or not to include Congress in anti BJP forces. This is in the wake of the BJP raising the cry that it will next recapture West Bengal. The CPI is thinking of creating the broadest platform to prevent attacks on the secular and democratic fabric of the country. In the dark political resolution adopted last month the party has ruled out any understanding or electoral alliance with the Congress. The resolution passed in Kolkata, however, made no mention of the Congress being a part of such an anti-BJP force. It is still a negative but not a positive statement. Party general secretary Sitaram Yechury and former general secretary Prakash Karat were present at the Kolkata meet. The revised draft will be submitted for final approval at the twenty second party Congress in April.

Strengthening the organisation and consolidating led to unity are definitely essential for the CPI (M) to have a place on the political map of India especially West Bengal where it had an undisputed sway for decades. The only state where it still rules is Kerala and in alliance with the Congress. Yechury’s dig at the Congress in Kerala was politically was ill-advised. It is totally unreasonable for the CPI (M) central leadership to think of a secular, anti-BJP political alliance without the Congress. In West Bengal, the BJP on slot will chiefly be on the TrinaMool Congress which has reduced the CPI (M) and the Congress to almost non-entities. Mamata Banerjee’s birthday wishes to Buddhadev Bhattacharjee may not be just a routine gesture. The CPI (M) should not be blind to political realities.


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