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All N F Railway stations to be 100% LED lit by March-end

GUWAHATI: The Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) is going strong in reducing the carbon footprint within its premises thereby contributing as well as promoting a greener environment. Out of 505 stations in under the NFR, already 260 stations have been completely made LED –lit so far facilitating substantial saving in the energy bill.

The CPRO of the NFR, Pranabjyoti Sharma informed that Tinsukia division of the NFR has become the 1st Division to achieve the feat of making all stations 100% LED lit. While out of 132 electrified stations under Katihar Division, 129 have already been covered. Balance three will be converted with LED fittings shortly. In Alipurduar Division out of 85 electrified stations, 59 stations have been fitted with LED already. The balance 26 stations will be converted with LED fittings by end of March. In Rangiya Division out of 97 electrified stations, 77 stations have already been converted by LED fittings. Balance 20 stations to be converted by the end of March. In Lumding Division out of 124 electrified stations, 68 stations have been converted by LED fittings already. Balance 56 stations are targeted for full conversion to LED fittings by end of March. There is a savings of about 10 watts per LED fittings being fitted. After completion of all stations with LED fittings, other railway service buildings like offices, railway quarters etc., will be taken up for 100% conversion to LED fittings.

There are two ‘A1’ category and 20 ‘A’ category stations in N F Railway.  Total savings on energy bill from these two categories of station is expected to be about Rs. 67, 36, 274 per year. When all station will be converted with LED fittings, the savings will increase by many folds.

The N F Railway has already engaged an agency named EESL (Energy Efficiency Services Limited) to complete the work. While, N F Railway will not have to pay any amount from its budget to the agency; it will be paid from the savings done from the energy bill.

Moreover, it may be mentioned here that, all new assets being constructed by the N F Railway Construction organisation like new line, stations etc., throughout the Northeastern region will now be fully fitted with LED fittings from the very beginning.





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