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Lets’ change the way we vote   

Over the last two decades we have witnessed a lot of killings and violence in Garo Hills by militant groups that have no ideology of their own. They are reduced to extortionists who threaten and kill their own people. How many more innocent people have to die in the hands of these heartless minds? February 18 turned out to be a sad and black day for all of us here. As we mourn for the deaths, we all stand by the victims and their families with prayers and candle light vigils but the next day everyone has to move on as if things are back to normal. But no! Things are not normal. Not this time! Jonathone Sangma’s death is unacceptable and we don’t deserve this kind of brutal killings anymore. Brethrens killing brethrens in their own land! Those violent perpetrators who think that life is only about taking the lives of others must be brought to light.  It is time for the government to act.Why are they silent? No serious condemnation was made and no assurance given that people are in safe hands. Where is the Opposition too? They only remain power hungry and run after campaigns and votes with heavily armed bodyguards blaming other parties and playing cheap politics. 

And now is the right time for the public to react. Its time for us the people to decide if we are going to live in fear or in peace. Time for the movement to happen. Time to voice out our anger. It is time to vote wisely because change may not come today, tomorrow or on  Feb 27 or even on March 3. Unless we change our representatives and vote persons of humility and integrity who can protect and defend us, we in Garo Hills or elsewhere in the state will never be free from violence. A representative must be a person who will truly work for his people, vouch for them and above all keep the people free from harm. He must also be God-fearing to top it all. Change will happen only when we change the way we vote.

Yours etc.,
New Tura


Divisive politics won’t work here!


Through your esteemed daily I would to share with our readers my reflection about this 2018 election. This election is an eye opener for us. Never have we seen such an election in recent years. As we draw nearer to the polling day, every one from candidate to party worker has started working round the clock to hook the last fish. We question ourselves why such a pandemonium this time? Big bellies from the state capital have been camping here for days and months. This shows how strategically important the state is. But we should not think that they are going to pitch their camp forever here. They are just like feathers in the wind. If they are really concerned about the state then why do we see them only before elections?

Meghalaya which is rather a peaceful state and has a historically smooth election is today being shaken up. There is a psychological fear being created in the minds of candidates and voters. Is it because we have to save our food habit or religion or culture? Whatever it is this kind of divisive method is not welcome anywhere. Again, we have no history of hero worship and crowd emotion in this hill state. But today this wave seems to have crept in. Crowd following is always risky. As a people who are ‘tip briew tip blei’ we should tell the country and the world that we are a different people.

In all these new phenomena I would like to remind the voters not to get emotional. Let us vote for development and nothing else. Adult franchise is our birth right. Use it responsibly. Let the saying, ‘Voters cannot be taken for granted’ be true this time around. The small petty gifts should not blind us for five years. Use your finger responsibly. And yes we can. Do it.

And to all those who say ‘it’s no use voting’ may I encourage you to never give up. Your one vote counts. Let us all go to vote and show the world that we can bring change together.

Yours etc.,

Gervasius Nongkseh

West Khasi Hills,


Postal service gone to the dogs 


In India, we can’t trust what the service providers claim. Most of them are big liars. They are so because we consumers never stand up and protest against them. We just keep enduring their disgusting services. Look at any government public service agencies, they are sure to let you down. Railways, airways, post office, hospital, insurance, telecommunication, or what have you, are usually mammoth service agencies but abnormally inefficient. Negligence and listlessness are their hallmarks.  

Today I shall discuss the sorry state of affairs of the post offices in India. The postal department has left many of its believing customers in the lurch. This I‘m citing in respect to a private cargo company DHL. About four months back I had sent a speed post document to Tura. I chose this special service which the Government claims is committed to prompt delivery.  And on the very next day, I again had sent parcel with a book to a scholar in Los Angeles, USA. To my surprise that very big parcel of about twenty kg was delivered on the third day in USA. I received the intimation message on my mobile set. But the 50 gram document sent to Tura, within our own state, was delivered only after eleven days. Now how can we expect “acche din” through this frustrating service?

 Another latest bombshell! One of my registered packets sent by ‘Kaizen Solution’ of Nagpur on February 5, has not yet been delivered. One wonders when this smart government at the Centre will smarten up the postal department. Is three and a half years not a very long time to reform the postal department? Until we have the best communication service in the country, it is better if the BJP stops blowing the trumpet of Digital India.

Yours etc.,

Salil Gewali,

Via email  

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