Tharoor terms NPP a mask of BJP in Meghalaya


SHILLONG: The National People’s Party (NPP) is trying to say they are independent and are contesting election by themselves and everywhere but Meghalaya, they are allied to BJP and attaching itself as a tail that is wagging whenever the dog barks, “Lok Sabha member, Shashi Tharoor said here in Shillong where he is campaigning for the Congress ahead of the Assembly polls

“I am not sure people in Meghalaya will be happy with a mask party which pretends to speak for local interest and here and outside attaches itself with a party which has betrayed the values of the country,” Tharoor told reporters here on Friday.

Tharoor also hailed the work of the Congress-led State Government in Meghalaya for the past eight years.

Addressing a press conference here, Shashi Tharoor said that as elections are just around the corner, it was time for the people  of Meghalaya to validate  the excellent performance of the Congress government here.

Stating he believes in the politics of performance,  Tharoor said Meghalaya saw astonishing improvement in education and Meghalaya was second to none in the country not only on  literacy but  also the way Meghalaya overcame the age-old    discrimination and  inequalities where women have been empowered  by the process of improvement of   education in  the state   even as he added that  Meghalaya has come ahead of Kerala  as far as  female literacy rate was concerned.

On health sector, he said that the BJP Government in Delhi had just borrowed a leaf out of Meghalaya’s book by announcing  a nationwide health insurance schemes and unlike Meghalaya they  had no realistic number as well as no indication of the budget on how to finance the scheme .

Tharoor also appreciated Meghalaya Integrated Basin Livelihood programme saying providing livelihood is a big  challenge in the country as the Government at the Centre has been unable to provide livelihood whereas dramatic progress has been made in Meghalaya.

According to Tharoor, nowhere in the country, public have been given the right to audit   beneficiaries of   development  but Meghalaya Government  has come up with  the Social Audit act.

“These four are the example of the best in the country,” he said

Tharoor pointed out that the BJP Government had failed spectacularly in the three and half years achieving  nothing and now they were claiming of achieving many things in Meghalaya, adding “ They have become a name changing and not a game changing government”

He said that the BJP Government was using its majority   to promote  narrow-minded idea based on Hindutva  even as he added that BJP  here was talking about being  kind to Christians but   in others states, horrendous incidents involving Christians had taken place

“Here they are opening  their arms and in Delhi they  are denying visa to a pastor who intended to visit Garo Hills. Here they say you can eat whatever you like and in the rest of the country they assault and even kill people on the suspicion of being a beef eater,” he said.



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