Himanta targets Mukul, scoffs at poor funding of SHGs


TURA: A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi ridiculed the ‘development mantra’ of Mukul Sangma in the state accusing the chief minister of failing to perform, senior Assam minister and BJP leader Himanta Biswa Sarma added further ammunition to Mukul bashing by throwing the gauntlet and questioning the Congress government over, what he claimed, sloppy’ funding of Self Help Groups in the state while emphasizing that SHGs are an essential feature of a working democracy.

The finance minister of Assam landed at Betasing village of Ampati on Friday afternoon to attend a large BJP rally in support of their candidature Bakul Hajong who is contesting against the chief minister.

Sarma said that the ‘tardy’ sponsorship of SHGs in Meghalaya revealed the Congress government’s lack of commitment to the people.

“In Assam Rs 25,000 is provided to SHGs during their formation. This is enhanced to 50,000 on completion of one year and every year the figure rises until it touches Rs 5 lakh at the end of the 5th year. Why has Meghalaya government failed to provide the same when this is the standard scheme taking place in other states of the country as well?” asked Himanta.

Apart from the issue of SHG funding, the Assam minister demanded Mukul Sangma give in black and white how many people in his constituency have been given employment from the time he has been elected as a legislator and minister.

“Mukul Sangma makes big claims about providing employment and since he has been Ampati MLA for 25 years shouldn’t at least one member from each family in the constituency be provided with a job? But If you check the statistics, you will find how poorly he has performed,” says Himanta Biswa Sarma.

Targeting the chief minister for playing dynastic politics in the state, he said neglecting genuine candidates have been the political scenario of the Congress party.

“Mukul Sangma is Ampati MLA and chief minister, his wife is an MLA, his brother is a minister and even contract works and supplies are being taken away by those related to him. In such a scenario genuine people are being left out,” claimed the Assam minister.

He accused the Congress government in the state of siphoning off crores of rupees in funds without giving any details of its utilisation.

“Central government is releasing crores of rupees to the state for power, housing and road projects but when the time comes for an inspection the money is gone and work is not done,” he said while urging the crowds to vote for the BJP to ensure massive development only in five years what the Congress could’t do in fifty years.



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