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Agatha accuses Billykid of failing to gauge role of MP


TURA: The youngest daughter of Late P A Sangma who is contesting the state elections as the NPP candidate for South Tura constituency has accused former MLA Billykid A Sangma of lacking awareness about the role of parliamentarians (MP) which led him to question her abilities during her tenure as the Tura Lok Sabha MP.

Agatha was responding to last week’s criticism of her work by former Tura MLA Billykid A Sangma who had asked her to spell out what work she had done when she was representing Tura in parliament.

Billykid had been critical of Agatha for accusing former MLAs of Tura of failing to bring development to the constituency. He had demanded that she provide details about the work she had done for Tura and also lashed out at her for branding all legislators with the same brush.

“My respected opponent (Billykid) failed to gauge the role of an MP and a union minister. People of Garo Hills are well aware of my responsibility as minister of state and also my contributions,” said Agatha Sangma in a press statement issued on Sunday evening.

She claimed that during her stint in the cabinet as a junior minister, she had intervened in different areas of rural development across the country, including the north east and Meghalaya.

She said that a landmark decision was taken by her ministry in ensuring industries contributed to water conservation during her stint as a minister.

“As an environment management professional, I had made an effort to streamline the use of appropriate effluent treatment plants so that toxic discharge from industries don’t contaminate water sources,” claimed Agatha in her statement.

She added that her ministry of Rural Development invested around 1,00,000 crores to regulate ground water extraction by industries and agriculture.

“I do not want to go into any confrontation with my opponents who are contesting this elections but I wanted to clarify on the allegations against me and set the record straight,” said Agatha.

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