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Tura in need of an active public representative:  Agatha


TURA: The NPP candidate and former union minister of state, Agatha K Sangma has said that Tura needs an ‘active’ legislator who has the ability to tackle the looming crisis of underdevelopment which is staring the constituency and its voters.

In an interview on Tuesday, the youngest daughter of Late Purno A Sangma said that the February 27th elections is very crucial for both her party and the state of Meghalaya.

“Even though we had attained our state over 46 years ago we have not witnessed the kind of development we deserved. The state has failed in all sectors, be it health, education or infrastructure. Roads, hospitals and schools are in extreme poor condition in both the rural and urban areas. I want to change that,” says Agatha Sangma.

“Tura needs an active and able legislator to reverse the trend of underdevelopment,” claims Agatha while giving an insight into her decision to return to state politics after having spent close to eight long years in Delhi’s corridors of power.

“I am contesting this election to be part of the new government that has a positive agenda and a vision for our state. We want to ensure concrete development which is precisely the reason I chose to come back to politics and serve the people of my state,” said the former Tura MP.

Despite two heavyweights pitted against her, sitting MLA John Leslee K sangma of the NCP and former MLA Billykid A Sangma of the BJP, Agatha appears unfazed.

“I was fortunate to be a member of parliament at a young age and a central minister and during that tenure met cross sections of the people in different parts of the country besides travelling a lot to learn new things. I believe my experience will help me in my quest to transform Tura,” a confident Agatha Sangma said.

She put forward a string of issues which, according to her, are major concerns for the people of Tura town.

“Water crisis is a serious problem and the polluting of our water bodies has compounded the problem further. There is no proper waste management in the town and the use of plastics is a serious health hazard. We urgently need to have a proper waste disposal and segregation of garbage and government has to invest in rain water harvesting to contain the water crisis. Tura has to become the ‘hub’ of entire Garo Hills,” feels Agatha Sangma.

The former MP has stated that the annual allotment of MLA scheme worth two Crores is inadequate for the development of a large urban centre like Tura town. “This scheme is not enough to develop Tura, we have to find appropriate schemes to integrate for development purposes,” Agatha added.


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