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Independents to play crucial role in the battle of  ballot for  twin seats of Tura


TURA: Independent candidates fighting the elections from the two prestigious seats of 50-North and 51-South Tura, are one again expected to play a pivotal role in deciding the winner from either of the  seats. The last state elections held in 2013 witnessed the victory of an Independent candidate in South Tura while another came extremely close to snatching the North Tura constituency.

In the last election in 2013, Independent candidate John Leslee K Sangma snatched South Tura in a tightly fought contest defeating Congress candidate Billykid A Sangma by a slender margin of only 18 votes which came through from the postal ballots after both candidates reached a tie in the EVM vote count.

In the case of North Tura Contest, Independent candidate Roger Benny A Sangma came second to Congress candidate Noverfield Marak having been defeated by 565 votes.

With such close margins of victory and loss, many an Independent feel this election too is anyone’s game in both the constituencies.

There are six Independent candidates contesting from North Tura constituency, this time. In the fray are sitting member (MDC) of the Garo Hills Autonomous District Council (GHADC) representing Tura, Rupert M Sangma (Road Roller symbol), last election runners up Roger Benny A Sangma (Blackboard), Adamkid M Sangma (Auto rickshaw), Chiang D Shira (Truck), Sengman R Marak (Table) and Marbindruth Ch Momin (Globe).

Sitting MDC Rupert M Sangma is hoping to strike it big given that his predecessor John Leslee K Sangma also marked his political journey to the state legislature through the GHADC where he was the Tura MDC before winning the South Tura assembly seat in 2013.

Interestingly, while woman contestants are conspicuous by their absence from the political battle in North Tura constituency, in the case of South Tura seat there are two woman candidates. There is former union minister of state Agatha K Sangma of the NPP and Independent Annamika Jessirella G Momin.

Besides her opponents from established political parties, Annamika (Walking stick symbol) is having to take on three other Independent candidates, Jingjang M Marak (Truck), Brinbal M Sangma (Blackboard) and Pallab D Arengh (Trumpet).


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