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FB post of wild cat killing: Accused charge sheeted

TURA: The person responsible for the killing of two wild cats and uploading a video of the skinning of their carcasses recently on the Facebook has been charge-sheeted by the Wildlife Department.

A Facebook post by one Sanjib T Sangma from Araimile locality of Tura had showed two wild cats being skinned in preparation to be consumed as food.

Earlier, soon after the video went viral in the social media, news reports had claimed the carcasses were of Neofelis Nebulosa or clouded leopard. However, wildlife officials have confirmed the carcasses are to be those of two different species of wild cats- a civet and a leopard.

District Forest Officer, N R D Marak informed that immediately after the video was posted on FB, the department’s Range Officer was informed and necessary procedures against the accused taken.

“As soon as the FB posting was brought to our notice, our department registered a case against Marak . The case is before the court  right now and the accused may face jail term if he is found guilty,” the DFO said.

Marak’s Facebook post had earlier raised a hue and cry among many citizens who condemned the killing and demanded action against the accused.

Both the cat species are endangered and concerned departments and groups have been working to save them from extinction. However, survival of wild cats including other endangered species continues to be under threat in Garo Hills due to the ignorance of locals who do not hesitate to kill them for consumption.


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