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MBOSE Exams Schedule


Regarding the routine for the Class X11 Science Exam, 2018. MBOSE has released a notification (no. 803) dated 29th January, 2018 regarding the rescheduling for two subjects, one of which is Computer Science. This has favoured only the students opting for Computers, as after the Chemistry exam on 20th March, 2018, they will have a gap of 5 days to prepare for that exam. Thus, the Computer students can chiefly concentrate on the other 5 subjects till the exam commences and enough time for preparing for Computers during the 5 day gap. On the contrary students having Biology have a gap of only 1 day to prepare for the exam which includes the vast course of Botany and Zoology. This gives an upper hand to students having Computers in comparison to students with Biology, which is bound to affect their results and is definitely not fair. Through this letter I want to request the MBOSE authority to do equal justice to all the students by rescheduling the Biology exams too.

Yours etc.,

Dipjoy Gupta,

Via emai

( II )


In the MBOSE Class XII examination there is only one day’s gap  between Chemistry and Biology whereas for other subjects there is a gap of five days. This schedule is unjustified as it privileges some students over others. I request the MBOSE authorities to rework the examination schedule so that all students are on an equal footing.

Yours etc.,

S Boro,

Via email

Tolerance for intolerance!  


Apropos the article, “Why attack children? The loss of innocence” by Ananya S Guha (ST, Jan 30, 2018), the film, Padmavat is based on Malik Muhammad Jayasi’s poem which according to historians is a fiction and not fact. It is a shame that unruly mobs are using fiction as a pretext for taking the law into their own hands. These Frankenstein monsters have taken to such inhuman extremes as to openly issue death threats to Deepika Padukone just for portraying the character of Padmavati in the film and even attack and pelt hapless school children with stones. It is a pity that our administration has miserably failed to quarantine these vigilantes. How long will the mob hold the law and order, the Supreme Court’s directive and humanity to ransom? How long must we tolerate such a brutal attack on our school going children? 

We must not forget what Tagore said about our tolerance for intolerance in one of his famous poems. He said, ~ “He who commits wrong or condones the same/ May your contempt singe like a reed in flame.” 

Yours etc.,

Sujit De,



Another error in new MBOSE book


There is a saying, “I was born intelligent but education ruined me”. This is exactly happens when the book prescribed to the students are full of mistakes. Yesterday as I read through the new Environment Education text book of Class X, I found that among the seven states of Northeast India, the state of Gujarat is also included whereas the state of Tripura is missing from the states of the region. The topic is on the ‘Forest cover in different states of North-East India’ (Page 78). Therefore, as an educator I request the MBOSE officials to address this matter at the earliest. Let me also remind the MBOSE officials that I has earlier written a letter to the editor in the Shillong Times of June 1, 2017 about the spelling mistakes in the Social Science book of Class VIII which deals with the Preamble to the Constitution of India. Alas the same error persists in the new prescribed book for the year 2018. This continual mistake reveals the carelessness of the Board as a whole. My simple suggestion to the Board is to go for thorough proof reading before the book is prescribed for the students. On the other hand, I am also shocked when I see that most of the topics or the contents of the books are almost the same with the old books. Let me also question the Board and the Education Department of Meghalaya whether the changing of books or prescribing of new books for students is simply a business or whether it is meant to help students to update their knowledge according to the times?

Yours etc.,

 Aiborlang Nongsiej Mawkyrwat

South West Khasi Hills

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