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Claims and counterclaims mark poll rhetoric in North Tura


TURA: Days after NPP president and Tura MP Conrad K Sangma accused the North Tura MLA of ‘sleeping’ over his job, the Congress legislator has returned the salvo with a ‘sleepless nights’ rhetoric, spent on ‘developing’ his constituency.

“He (Conrad Sangma) is misleading the people by stating that I was asleep and unaware of the issues of my area. I do not know how many times he has visited Babadam and which road he recently took to reach the village?” questioned Noverfield Marak in a statement countering the Tura MP over the latter’s Saturday visit to the area where the opposition leader took potshots on his tenure as a legislator for the past five years.

Giving details about the implementation of his projects, the Congress MLA clarified that the road to Babadam has already been black-topped for a stretch of 12 kms during his tenure while smaller roads of a km each have also been completed to connect the villages of Kemragre, Dumidekgre, Aduragittim, Allagipokgre, Chibasalgre, Rengsangre, Chandigre petrol station to Duragre, upper Rongkhon and proper rongkhon to Rongreng.

The Congress legislator further added that many more projects were taken up under his MLA scheme including road connectivity from Chitoktak junction to Boldorenggre, PHE water treatment plant, Jangga-Cherangre, youth hostel at Edenbari, a school road at Wadanang and construction of immersion ghat at Lower Babupara.

He added that several spring chambers, ring wells, CC footpaths and steps had also been constructed at different localities of north Tura from his MLA scheme.

Marak denied the ‘sleeping’ tag leveled against him during assembly sessions.

“To raise my voice in the assembly, the need did not arise since whatever I proposed to the minister concerned I got full cooperation from the government, especially Chief Minister, Dr Mukul Sangma. God willing, I shall continue to serve the people in the years to come,” a confident Noverfield Marak stated as he prepares to face a multi-cornered contest for the North Tura constituency.

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