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IT, expenditure observers to be more active during polls

CEO adopts innovative measures to check money power

SHILLONG: The Election Department is trying hard to convince voters as well as candidates to desist from the temptation of using money to sell or buy votes.
With post demonetisation monitoring on cash flow, the Election Commission of India feels that there will be restriction on the use of money power by candidates. Chief Electoral Officer Frederick Kharkongor said the IT Department and the full team of expenditure observers will monitor the issues related to use of money power during the polls.
The Election Commission restricts political parties from carrying cash above Rs 5,000 during the polls.
Besides, the Income Tax Department will scrutinise the withdrawal or transaction of over Rs 10 lakh from bank accounts.
Recently, deputy commissioners and police officials of various districts held meetings to apprise the flying squads and static surveillance team of the need to be vigilant once the election is announced.
The Election Department is also keeping a strict vigil to stop the practice of luring voters with liquor following a direction from the Election Commission.
Besides regular appeals, the Election Department has also used posters, banners and graffiti to convey the dangers of using money power and the need to have ethical voting.
(See Sunday Shillong)

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