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Art of political debating


Your editorial, “Of political monologues” (ST, Jan 10, 2018) rightly underscores the fact that we are in urgent need of getting sufficient political space for dialogue. Electronic news channels can provide the public with such space. But what we get from them are almost high decibel nothing. We see that every participant in a television debate or a talk show just wants to outdecibel others. After hearing such deafening debate, a voter becomes more confused and sometimes even a phobic that makes him/ her believe in undemocratic might-is-right anarchy. To combat such a verbal violence in the name of a debate and to give voters healthy political space for attaining mature political behaviour, such talk shows and debates must be conducted following the way a classical debate is staged.

Every speaker must be given a certain amount of time to say whatever she/ he wants to and even the moderator is not supposed to speak a single word during that period of time. There should be two to three rounds of talk so that every participant gets enough opportunity to refute an argument and reflect on the points that have been raised by her/ his opponents. The function of a moderator is just to start the proceedings and to sum it up in a few words at the end. Not only will such democratic debates help us know about the present political scenario in a more matter of fact way and take a mature decision accordingly on who must we vote for; but also teach our MPs and MLAs a lesson or two on how to depend solely on facts and wits rather than on their vocal cords.

Yours etc.,

Sujit De,


On cyber security


         I read the Write up on Cyber security and crime — How to prevent it .The article was worth reading especially considering the fact that cyber crime is now on the rise in the country and all other conventional forms of crime like theft etc have taken a back seat. The write up will help the general public to be more alert while using Internet as this has become so  common and now most people use it for carrying out day to day affairs. Urban life cannot be even thought of without internet. The importance of cyber security can be gauged by the recent statement of Prime Minister Modi in the Annual DGs conference which the writer has clearly pointed out. Cyber crime is not an easy task to solve .Many people of the state have lost their hard earned money to cyber crimes.  Hope the write up will help the readers to be more aware and keep them safe and secure 

Yours etc.,

Raja Thapa

Via email

Need for a vision for Meghalaya!


Through your esteemed daily, I would draw your kind attention to the callousness across our state and also to the numerous such incidents and murder  of individuals in the past which has slowed down the developmental activities. As a result our state is reeling under serious crisis and this can be attributed primarily to the personalized politics and poor educational infrastructure. In today’s life everyone is talking about development and relate this to construction of roads, multi storied buildings, shopping malls etc. whereas  real and meaningful development is through educational enlightenment  which in turn will promote individual freedom, empowerment and yield important developmental benefits. Unfortunately, though many of us have undertaken  the responsibility we have deviated from our primary objective of ensuring quality education, affordability, free and fair education system and many more constructive approaches towards nation building. Education is very important for the benefit of mankind and also for all –round human development. I would further add that many of our children are dreaming to study in Shillong Medical College to be set up through public private partnership but in reality its status is unknown. It will also be worth mentioning that Central Government has a vision to set up new educational institutes for Meghalaya and perhaps many more in other fields but due to lack of initiative these are yet to become a reality. For instance Meghalaya has huge potential for hydro electricity projects but this has not taken off due to lack of vision and tendency for corruption at all levels.

The vision of a developed nation will be a reality only when first of all social illness is corrected and the present younger generation is empowered to do that through suitable social reforms for which they need to be good human beings first which is possible only through appropriate education. Therefore, I sincerely appeal to the concerned to kindly resurrect the objectives and struggle for the welfare of students because today’s students are the architects of tomorrow.    

Long live Meghalaya.

Yours etc,

Krishnendu Deb,

Via email

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