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NPP should rethink on ties with BJP:  Erwin Sutnga


SHILLONG: NPP candidate from   North Shillong, Erwin Sutnga has said that the party should  have a rethink if the agenda of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) goes totally against minorities.

Talking to media persons here on Friday, Sutnga said that the   Hindutva agenda of BJP was not revealed that time when NPP joined  the National Democratic Alliance (NDA).

“We were expecting that BJP will be a secular party who would look after the welfare of the minorities but now the real face of BJP is being slowly exposed,” he said.

According to Sutnga, the NPP is with NDA since Meghalaya needs Conrad Sangma in New Delhi while pointing out that NPP President, Conrad Sangna did protested against observing Digital India Day on Good Friday   and the Good Governance Day on December 25.

“UDP is with the North East Democratic Alliance (NEDA), why are they hiding now,” he said.

On being asked if NPP can do well in urban areas of the state, he said that   party will be tested in urban areas for the first time in the upcoming elections and they have worked very hard to organize the party in the urban areas.

Responding to a query about the decision of the   sitting MLA, Roshan Warjri no to contest the polls, he said that   her decision had left the field open.

When asked about the ideologies of the major parties who are contesting the election from North Shillong, he said that KHNAM has double standard when it comes to ideologies

“At one hand, they are very much radical   in their views relating to protection of the tribals and at the same time, they are trying to woo non-tribal voters and I feel they are walking a tight rope,” he said.

He also felt that BJP is having an identity crisis and tribals people are not accepting them   because of their identity crisis where as Congress has credibility crisis.



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