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Hek game to be CM candidate for BJP in Meghalaya


SHILLONG: Former MLA, A L Hek who has recently joined the ranks of the BJP in Meghalaya after deserting ruling Congress besides quitting the post of MLA, is game for being projected as the chief ministerial candidate of the saffron party

Talking to the media here on, Hek said it was the party and elected MLAs who would decide about the Chief Ministerial candidate for the party. “If party feel so, I will be ready to take the lead,” he added.

A BJP ticket aspirant, Hek downplayed the apprehension about the BJP being an anti-minority party. He said, “Our (BJP’s) ideology is only development,” adding BJP will continue to rule in the centre for at least 10 years and if we are with the Centre, the State will definitely benefit.”

When asked about BJP being tagged as anti-minority party, Hek said isolation cases of racism could take place everywhere.

Citing an example, he said in Mylliem, somebody recently vandalized the Seng Khasi crematorium, but it does not mean that Christians are against Seng Khasi.

“Some anti-social elements are everywhere including Satna where our priests were attacked and these elements wants to disrupt the peace and tranquility in many areas,” he said.

According to Hek, isolated ethnic violence cases does takes places but a political party cannot be blamed for it.

“All political parties be it Congress, UDP and even BJP at the end of the day are working for the people,” he told reporters.

Responding to a query   about BJP’s prospects in the state, Hek said that   BJP’s prospect is bright and   four MLAs who joined the party recently would retain their seats even as he pointed out that some leaders from other political parties had showed interest to join the party

“We are in talks with them and things would be clear by next week,” h

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