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Garo group accuses Chokpot MLA of failing to implement SRWP schemes


TURA: The All A’chik Youth Federation has alleged that the sitting Congress legislator of Chokpot constituency in South Garo Hills,  Bleubell Sangma, failed to implement development projects under the state’s Special Rural Works Programme (SRWP).

The AAYF Chokpot regional unit stated that a spot inquiry was undertaken to inspect projects selected by the legislator after an RTI filed for details on the projects did not get a response from the government.

“During our spot inspection of SRWP schemes we found the schemes had not been implemented in many villages. Some of the schemes that failed to get implemented were a footpath at Ringkapgre, a 2 km footpath at Rongchanggri, playground improvement at Rongma Paromgri, 25 meters CC footstep at Bilgri village, a waiting shed at Alagri, footpath construction at Balwatgri .These were some of the many projects that did not take off,” alleged AAYF general secretary Sabilstone M Sangma.

The AAYF is demanding a response from the legislator over the alleged failure to implement these schemes and have further alleged that there are more rural proejcts in other villages which have also faced a similar fate due to lack of implementation.



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