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Traffic congestion at Dawki


The Editor

The narrow Dawki road (3 km before and after the Umngot bridge) is witnessing daily traffic snarl which last for few hours. Few tourists who intended to visit places beyond the bridge like Shnongpdeng, Darrang etc., are stuck in the traffic for hours.

This is mainly due to the parking of tourist vehicles on one side of the road due to the maddening rush for boating at the Umngot river.

No one seems to be bothered of the woes of regular commuters and general tourists who will have to go through the road. Local associations are too busy and happy at collecting parking fees, entry and boating ride fees while they would ignore finding an alternate space for parking or even to volunteer to control the chaotic traffic in absence of any government administrative control.

G. Kharkongor

Victim of such traffic woes

Shillong, 9774061320


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