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The 2G scam and after


In this country we are never short on drama. Just as there have been several high profile cases with media playing judge, jury and executioner such as the Sheena Bora murder case where Indrani Mukherjee is the main accused for the cold blooded murder of her daughter, it may so happen that Indrani too walks away scot free for want of evidence. Those of us who watched the case being discussed in the media are led to believe that Indrani Mukherjee is guilty as hell but courts don’t pass verdicts until every shred of evidence is examined and the judges are satisfied that they are not hanging the wrong person. In the Aarushi murder case for instance, after the dentist parents of the girl who initially were the prime suspects, were recently released by the court for want of conclusive evidence, everyone now asks, “Who murdered Aarushi?” Our faith in the criminal justice system stands shattered. Aarushi and many more like her will never get justice. It is a sad day for the Indian Judiciary that the Supreme Court had earlier cancelled the spectrum licenses of 122 companies merely on the basis of the CAG report which has raised the bogey of a notional loss of Rs 1.76 lakh crore – a mind boggling figure. It will be interesting to watch what happens when the CBI goes on appeal to the High Court. Why is the CBI charge sheet so shoddy not just in this case but in case after case? Clearly this investigating agency needs to be overhauled completely. And that also means that it remains free and independent to do its work and is not burdened by having to please a government in power.   

The Congress now rides the high horse of morality. And perhaps people like Barkha Dutt who got stung in the course of this scam will also now be justifiably vindicated. This is the story of all scams in India. So few actually end up in the guilty being convicted. Does this not affect the credibility of the judiciary? Or should A Raja and Kanimozhi now await the verdict of the High Court before they are finally acquitted? So much time lost in the process.

Yours etc.,

S Choudhury,



Christmas commercialized


At this time of year it is difficult to reach certain commercial areas of the town such as Police Bazar. Traffic is choc-a-bloc and the traffic cops are at their wits end. As parents we cannot help shopping for last minutes gifts not just for our kids but also for those who we cherish. But the shops too are overcrowded and salespersons have little time to attend to customers. The meaning and significance of Christmas seems to me to have been completely diluted with the passage of time. Its now all about new clothes, shoes and what have you?  

It is time to sit back and reflect why Christmas which celebrates the birth of a Messiah who was born in a lowly state, has become what it is today. Most of us celebrate the symbols and not the spirit of Christmas which is about love, peace and sharing. And we need not wait for Christmas to share out love and gifts with those who actually are in need of such. Today a large number of people in Meghalaya have become poorer while a small section has become very rich. This divide must shock Christ inasmuch as our manner of observing Christmas must sadden Him.But where do we start the change? Can the churches do more to instil the true meaning of Christmas in their congregation?

Yours etc.,

Mary J Lyngdoh,


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