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US Security Strategy

President Donald Trump has unveiled the National Security Strategy (NSS) of the US which is the most important American policy document of the year. There is a refusal to accept the notion that American power is diminishing in the international arena. Russia and China are the main challenges to the US influence, values and wealth. Iran and North Korea are regarded as rogue nations for their alleged nuclear designs. A dim view is taken of transnational terror groups and crime syndicates. India has been recognised as a leading global power. The Trump administration wishes to expand its strategic partnership with India and support its leadership in protecting security in the Pacific region. That view is designed to counterbalance Chinese muscle flexing leading to clashes with other Asian nations- the Doklam confrontation for instance. The US document clearly assails Chinese aggrandisement through compromising the sovereignty of other nations.

It is good that the US is behind India in its occasional standoffs with China. The US has also slammed Pakistan’s role in fomenting terrorism. Islamabad has been asked to put an end to its mischievous game to destabilise Afghanistan and support terror groups. Unlike in the past, there appears to be a distinct US tilt towards India. India likes to work with Russia and Iran. Trump is unpredictable and India’s policy may prompt him to lay off terror militias. Cooperation between the US and Russia will be in India’s interest. But the US investigation into Russia’s interference in the latest US elections may undermine whatever good relations may have been growing between Washington and Moscow. 


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